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Financial Mediation
Webpower Publishing Financial Mediation helps people establish financial agreements after a separation or divorce.
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Financial Mediation

Financial issues

An accurate and complete picture of the situation is required to successfully mediate financial issues. To be fair in a divorce, both parties must disclose all pertinent financial information. Unmarried couples should consider using a similar technique as the basis for any settlement.

You must include all assets, obligations, income, and expenses. We have forms to aid with this. You must provide an estimated date for the financial data. Barclay Devere financial mediation

Webpower Publishing Mediation Services

  • Assets
  • Land and Property
  • Pensions
  • Money and Savings

For many people, their house is their most valuable possession. Estate agents’ appraisals can be used as a starting point to get at a number for the equity that can be distributed, but the expenses of the sale and any existing mortgages must be removed to arrive at this figure. The appraisal and assessment of all properties possessed must be done prior to the partition of assets.

Customer reviews

Webpower Publishing's Financial Mediation service is excellent, and I strongly suggest it. This programme has helped me and my ex-partner come up with a workable solution for my kid. I'm overjoyed.

Freddy Knight

Mediator came to help me, resolve my concerns, which I much appreciate. Thank you for your kind words.

Alison Crowe

I really appreciate the professional way my case was handled. The mediator that took on my case was quite patient and accommodating. Never at any point partial in how things was coordinated.

morin nancy