What will make voice search a game changer in SEO


What is Voice Search and how it works?

Voice Search is a speech recognition technology, a technology that allows users to search for their required information in place of typing. This technology works through Automatic Speech Recognition system; it transforms the signal of voices into texts. The Google as a search engine uses this text as a query and displays the results.

It is a well-accepted fact that Google has the most advanced ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) System. There are four phases of speech recognition queries:

  • Turing on the voice search.
  • Transforming sound radiations into digital form.
  • Processing the input.
  • Displaying the results.

Impact of Voice Search on SEO

When a user enters a search query for some kind of information, the search engine displays the results, some of them which have paid advertisements. You can get to the top of the search results of your have an effective SEO. Now there are users that ask the intelligent assistant such as Siri, or Google voice search, there is the difference in the search results. The answers displayed by the assistant will have limited options to choose from. It gives a definite answer to the presented query.

 However, it cannot be said that SEO is not important. When a search query displays an answer, optimization gets more critical. If a business wishes to get noticed, it should ensure its efforts on optimization and keep a check on the patterns that are used by the voice search. Businesses should ensure the conversational and organic nature of the content which will help in understanding the Question and Answer pattern of the voice search.

Impact of Voice Search on Brands

The modern methods of marketing are taking over the traditional methods of diverting the brands towards the digital marketing services. This has made way for Voice Search Optimization to become the asset for the brands. Now, Users tend to increase the usage of Voice Search and the Brands are trying to keep up the pace with them. If the brands do not optimize effectively, there are chances of them losing their existence.  Here are the reasons how Voice Search will affect the brands.

 Increased Speed:

Voice search is the fastest platform available for any query search. Within seconds you can find an answer to your query. For brands, voice optimization can act as a performance changing. You can input your command and get the results within seconds.  You need not require using your keypad to enter your query; just use your voice to input the search query and get the required results.

Enhanced productivity:

The speed of your speech is faster than that of your typing. Rather than using a keyboard to search your query and gain information, one can change the mode and save a significant amount of time by using the medium of speech to find a solution to their query.  And saving time is as equal to gaining and maximizing productivity.

Increased Mobile Searches:

In today’s scenario, we can observe that mobile devices are at the fingertips of the users. Hence a decrease has been observed in the usage of desktop and an increase has been observed in the usage of cell phone devices. Voice searches are available for the desktops, but they are more of convenient use for the mobile users.  Hence with the help of voice optimization, you can increase the website traffic.

Time Saver:

The number of people who use voice search optimization is increasing day by day. Since the speed of speech is faster than that of typing, plenty of time is saved. When the customers can get their work done just say seconds then why would they spend minutes on getting their work done.


You have now known how the voice search is becoming a revolution and is determining the shape of SEO services . Voice search is an added interface and it is not going to have any effect on the SEO. There may be changes in the technique but the SEO is good to go a longer period of time.  So it is time that your business gets adaptable to the changes that are to come in the future. Because the right time to hit the change is now, and this will set you apart from your competitors.



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