Bangalore the IT hub

What made Bangalore the IT hub or the Silicon Valley of India?


In 1980s, Bangalore emerged as the IT hub of the country and is still maintaining its position. The city has been rightly referred as the “Silicon Valley of India”, the term being taken up from the Silicon Valley of the San Francisco Bay Area, which is the major centre for IT companies in the US. Many young professionals of the country have shifted their base to get IT-related jobs in Bangalore. There are not one but many factors which have led Bangalore to become the IT hub or the Silicon Valley of India.

Setting up of Electronics City/Electronic City

In 1980s, the first Chairman and Managing Director of Keonics, Karnataka Electronics brought into the concept of Electronics City, which was set up in Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur villages. With this, the property rates in the area became low and many people within the city and outside started to settle down in the areas near to the Electronic city. Then, in the early 1990s, the liberalisation of the Indian economy made Bangalore’s Electronic city the outsourcing capital of the country. Electronic city became the home of many companies, both IT and non-IT, national and international companies, plus a popular real-estate area. Soon, Electronic city became one of the most sought after areas for investment, opening up a large number of jobs in Bangalore in different industry domains.

Home for many IT companies

The first major event of laying the base of an IT city came with the shifting of Infosys headquarter from Pune to Bangaore. This was followed by Wipro, another prominent Indian IT company setting up their headquarters here. This trend continued when many domestic and international companies started having their headquarters or branch offices in the city. Texas Instruments was the first MNC to have its office in Bangalore. Today, the city is home to many other IT companies and MNCs, from Dell to Capgemini to SAP Labs, Bosch, and many more. Mircosoft and Oracle are two other prominent names having their offices here. Today, around 40% of IT exports of our country are contributed by this city. Bangalore still maintains the top position as the IT centre of the country and when it comes to jobs in Bangalore, the city offers exciting employment opportunities. Bangalore indeed has a sound IT base.

Setting up of many IT parks

With the Electronic City came the development of many IT parks all across Bangalore. A joint venture was taken up by India and Singapore to set up International Tech Park or ITPL. Leaving aside the Electronic city which is home to approximately 200 IT companies offering a great number of jobs in Bangalore, there are other popular IT parks as well. These include Bagmane Tech Park, Manyata Tech Park, International Tech Park, Prestige Tech Park, RMZ Infinity, Ecospace Business Park and many more. All these IT parks have offices, shops, residential complexes and other basic amenities for young professionals to settle down and apply for jobs in Bangalore.

Pool of skilled IT manpower

Manpower is a very important requirement for IT or any industry to grow, and Bangalore has a good supply of it, and the credit goes to the engineering colleges here. Till 1980s, only the IITs, NITs and few institutes had computer science as a branch of engineering. There was no college in Bangalore offering CS as a subject. The major breakthrough came when Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) became the first private engineering college in the state to introduce CS as a branch in engineering. Soon many other engineering colleges in Bangalore offered CS as a subject and India saw the emergence of the term “software engineer”. With the growth of IT companies in the city, there was a need for more IT professionals. There was a huge demand for IT jobs in Bangalore and the best part was that the city was always ready to supply IT manpower.

All these led to Bangalore becoming the IT hub of the country. Millions of professionals from all across the country are attracted to jobs in Bangalore to work for the IT companies here. The population of sought-aftercity is growing with young IT professionals settling down here with their families. The city is rightly been called the “Silicon Valley of India”.

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