AWS Managed Services

AWS Managed Services Partners – To Help Leverage The Infrastructural Capabilities

AWS is the short form of Amazon Web Services. It is a platform for secure Cloud services. Amazon Web Services offers power for computing, storage for data base, delivery of contents and other associated functionalities to its customers. Amazon Web Services functions for helping business organisations to grow, by providing them with power for unlimited […]

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HIPPA Compliant Web Hosting

Benefits for healthcare institutions to use HIPPA Compliant Web Hosting

The HIPAA Journal reports that 2,181 healthcare data breaches were entailing over 500 records between 2009 to 2017. Those patient data breaches culminated in the exposure of 176,709,305 healthcare records. This translates into more than 50% of the population in the US. Presently, healthcare data breaches are reported almost every day with more than one […]

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Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

Top 3 Dedicated Server Hosting Companies in India 2019

There are millions of websites online today, active or otherwise, dwelling in servers within data centers located across the globe. Servers are specialized computers that are owned, operated or leased by the hosting providers. A server helps in storing and delivering elements of your website – documents, audio, video, files and other data to the Internet […]

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Types of web hosting services

5 Types of Web Hosting Services and Choose the Best One for your Blog

Building a website and starting a blog requires lots of things and having a ‘hosting’ is one of them. Maybe, you have checked out few companies already for getting the world-class hosting service. But, you don’t need to get confused at all regarding anything from cost to integration and so much more. This article will […]

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