Top 7 Things To Do In NYC


If you’re visiting NYC any time soon, you should know it is hot-spot for visitors of all kinds. Whether you’re seeking adventure or want to explore New York’s incredible theatre district and art scene, this bustling city surely has something for you.

Below, we will share some of our favorite locations for travelers itching to get a taste of NYC life.

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Must-See Destinations In Manhattan

1. Central Park

If you’re visiting Manhattan, you need to see Central Park.  Whether you visit in the spring, summer, fall or winter, there are many activities to enjoy.

The beautiful Manhattan park stretches from 59th street to 110th street (between 5th ave. and Central Park West).  There are always things you can do when you visit Central Park.  If you go during the winter season, visit Wollman Rink to enjoy ice skating with a lovely backdrop.  You can also visit one of the most famous stretches of grass in the world and see the Great Lawn.  This wonderful 55 acre plot has hosted concerts by some of the greatest artists of all time.  Whatever you do while visiting Central Park, you will not be disappointed.

2. Eat At A Top-Notch Restaurant

If you’re visiting Manhattan, you will be visiting one of the most diverse and wonderful culinary dreams in the world.  There are so many fabulous restaurants, getting a seat in some of the best ones will likely be the issue.

Before you head out on your travels, be sure to book a reservation well in advance of your visit date.  Restaurants like Frenchette have waitlists until 2021.  So, preparation is key.

There are excellent bars and small cafes you will need to try as well.  So create your itinerary and hopefully you’ll get a seat!

3. See A Show On Broadway

If you’ll be in Manhattan for any extended period of time, you’ll definitely want to see a show on Broadway.  Classics like Phantom of the Opera and Chicago will be performed by the best of the best.  You can also choose to see an off-Broadway show in the theatre district of NYC.  Whatever you choose will surely be magnificent!

4. Watch The NY Knicks

Now, we know the NY Knicks haven’t exactly been on a winning streak, but seeing a live game is definitely worth it.  The Knicks play at Madison Square Garden, but you can find tickets on reputable sites like Stub Hub and other sites.

5. Visit The Met

If you want to see some beautiful art, there are many choices for you in NY.  One of the most famous art museums is the Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

When visiting the Met, you can take any number of educational tours and visit many different parts of the museum.  There is always a number of shows being exhibited and you’ll surely enjoy some of the work you can see in the Met collection.

6. See A Psychic

Going for Psychic Readings in NYC will be a breeze if you find the right Manhattan Psychic.  You’ll see many advertising services all over NYC.  Do your research, and pick one you want to see for fun.

If you want to have a psychic do a tarot reading you can learn more about the different tarot spreads here.  You will be amazed by the services and enjoy getting a taste of the city’s eclectic culture.

Photo by Mark Arron Smith from Pexels

7. Visit The High Line

Visit the High Line which is a NYC park that stretches across a large portion of the west side of Manhattan.  This urban park offers lots to take in as you can see the NY skyline from a different angle.

The high line is a public, urban park.  It was built in 2009 on a freight rail line that was elevated over the streets.  There’s a lot to do and see on the High Line too, so don’t forget your wallet as you can visit an eatery in this magical elevated park.


Now that you are ready for your visit, we know you’ll have a great time in New York City.  There’s so much to do, and we only just covered a few things.  So bring your walking shoes (and your dancing shoes) and take in this popular destination and enjoy.

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