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Top 5 SEO trends in 2019

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Let’s first start with the basics. What is the full form of SEO? SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. What is the meaning of SEO? The meaning of the word optimization is making the best use of resources and situations. So what are the resources that we are talking about? It simply can be a website or blog. So it’s all about ranking your website or blog in the top rankings of the respective search engines. These are just a few lines for your understanding.

You have your website or blog that you want to start, or you have already started and now thinking of optimizing it. You have to look out for these trends that you should follow amongst many other things.

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  • Google’s Updates.

The most recent update was the Medic Update. It affected sites mostly in the health sector. As with every update, some sites may rise up, and some sites may fall down. This is consistent with every update. Prior to this the updates whenever they were rolled out some major changes happened. But not with this update. This update didn’t bring in any radical changes as the old updates did but the point to remember and noted here is that Google’s updates do bring in some changes.

  • Voice

Many companies (read about private limited company registration) are now starting to provide voice services. Voice is the new frontier. Companies like Amazon and Google are competing each other in this arena. The world is going hands-free. You have to be ready according to some facts more than 25% of the searches will be made by voice till 2020. You can’t ignore these statistics. 25% is a big number. So start optimizing your website for voice, and you will see the benefits in your medium and long terms goals. One tip for optimizing your website for search is to keep your sentences short and simple.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an extremely hot topic in the global markets right now. Google’s Rank Brain update is also powered by Artificial Intelligence. There is a whole lot of information available on Google when you will go to the net. Just read through the information and then build your own strategy. Deploy tactics wisely as this trend is something which can affect your rankings quickly. When I say quickly, I mean very quickly. Powered with Machine Learning AI can deliver you fantastic results in the medium to the short span of time.

  • Mobile First

Most of the experts have been shouting and advocating the mobile first slogan from quite some time. It’s a hot real estate. You have got to optimize it for mobile. Many times while designing e-mailers for clients we were told to optimize it for mobile also. Now think if something as small as e-mailers were optimized for mobile then considers what will be the need for mobile-optimized websites and blogs. Mobile comes first. You ignore mobile, and the world will ignore you. No matter how big or small you are you will have to optimize your site for mobile.

  • Content

They say content is king. I second that thought. Content really matters. Content is like the lighthouse guiding your visitors providing them article and insights. High-quality backlinks can be generated via guest posting. Generating backlinks will never go out of fashion. Provide quality content to your visitors and see your website or blog grow in the SERPS. Do keep in mind that the content that you will be generating content for voice as well as Artificial Intelligence. So it will not be just writing out plain paragraphs but also creating content which is smart and curated for machine learning also.

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