Top 5 in 2018 that might just increase your sales!!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is getting more and more attention with each passing day – oh wait, with each passing SECOND! Do you know that a digitally marketed post is sure to generate and get more attention than other marketing techniques?

Okay, so do you notice how many ads just pop up over Facebook, Twitter or YouTube etc. and sometimes you feel compelled to buy something because most of the things that you might come across would be as per your interests and wants. Call it artificial intelligence or spying – but the internet knows who wants what – it stores up the searched items and is sure to show you stuff related to it so as to help you out. Who knew, the little baby internet would grow up to be so important and helpful to us – the parents (Robert E. Kahn & Vint Cerf) must be so happy and proud of themselves even in their graves :3 ( I know, lamest humor ever!)

One of the most commonly used as well as the famous technique used these days is that of personalization. Audiences tend to connected to personalized content more than technical or formal content so if you are thinking of marketing your business digitally – or literally, in any other way – personalization of your brand might just help you boost the business to quite a peak point.

Most of the consumers require relevant and accurate reviews as well as content about whatever topic they might search on. Just so you know, about 96% of people who use a smartphone research about any product they want over the internet. Thus, it is highly important to market your product not just digitally but in the best possible digital trends. Artificial Intelligence (as mentioned before), of course, plays a vital role in promoting any brand as well as the digital marketing too. It doesn’t just help in memorizing and targeting audiences with brands as per their searches but instead, it also helps businesses too;

  • Make Smart Decisions
  • Save Time
  • Personalize Content as per Audiences’ Desire

Chatbots and Dynamic Emails are the most common AI tools and if you don’t know about them already maybe it’s time you get them as well.

So, anyway, the whole point of this piece of writing is to help you boost up your digital marketing and make use of the new trends taking over the world.

Video and Live Production / Video Marketing

Video marketing is trending more and more every day. Brands are not just personalizing their videos for the audiences but instead are using various social media sites to promote themselves too. Be it a Snap Chat story by Lucy Hale using a particular dog food for her cute little pup. Elvis (the pup) is adorable, just btw!!

Social video engagement is one of the most used and authentic ways to gain major traffic attention for your business. The thing is literally cranking up the bars in 2018. Why? Not everyone is a reader and sometimes your eyes don’t want to work too hard – a video is an easy way out of it all. A video tends to attract more people due to its graphics and is prone to prove a point on a more clear level for the consumers. Plus, it’s a faster as well as a more convincing way.

It doesn’t matter which medium you’re using but you should really up to your game by posting video content on monthly basis. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a Facebook live or on your own website. The important part is that you do it on the routinely basis and make a habit of it too.

Transparency & Authentic Reviews

Remember, when The Jungle by Upton Sinclair had a story on how exactly a sausage made? The thing got a lot of views and thus came the idea of transparency. In the modern day, brands are moving towards transparency not just to win the customer’s trust but also to market their brand at a bigger level. For instance, McDonald is willing to give you kitchen visits if you want – many eateries do so not just to show how well maintained they keep their kitchens but also the products they use. This has an aphrodisiac-like effect on human brains. It tends to attract more and more people towards it because everything from the ingredients or management, as well as the procedures, are touchpoints. Ever saw the documentaries on candy factories etc on National Geographic? Yeah, they aren’t just tempting you to want their product but are also promoting their brand as a unified part for the international lifestyle. Plus, the ‘touchpoint’ techniques are turning out to be far better than the old and traditional conversions.

Content: Quality versus Quantity

Content Marketing is also getting everyone’s attention these days – even the google algorithms!! Google algorithms rank your websites over three basic points – your websites’ quality, trust, and authority. Ironically, content marketing can handle all three. A good and unique piece of content is sure to win audience attention and the more helpful it is for people – the more quality your website has. This leads the algorithms to decide that your website should appear on the first few pages of SERP (search engine result pages). When your website gets consistent good or bad reviews – the algorithm is also taking notes on how well your product is taken up as by the world. The more active your website or web page is the more authority it has – thus the giveaways and so many competitions over brands these days!

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that it is not the quantity of content that is going to help you out in this regard but instead it is its quality that is going to uphold your website when compared to others’.

Social or Socially Conscious?

If you think about it then there was a time when brands needed to be careful with their words and opinions. Many stood far from making statements that could risk a decrease in their followings – however, these days’ brands are more expressive in their opinions and ideas. If one thinks something is wrong it is likely to give a statement over it. For instance, the #AerieREAL campaign designed by American Eagle’s Aerie brand to promote body positivism all over the world. It is a movement to promote natural women’s body and to help them accept themselves as they are. Now that is a social message people would love and support. The brand has more consumers now because people can actually relate more to it.

Point to ponder? Can you think of a social message you’d like to promote – do it with your brand involved if there might be people who would tell you the opposite there would be a lot more people who’d probably feel the same way too. Take risks, it is okay!

Smart Team: Creative yet Strategic!!

Something that is highly liked and promoted in businesses these days is the smart team! When hiring – don’t opt the traditional methods – you need a diversity in your team. If you’d have all the same sort of people than the result are prone to stay the same as well. Diversity breeds more creativity – merge business students with art students and just see how they create something magical.

A smart team is that team which has fresh graduates to mold as per their requirements. The team is taught everything and thus can perform as whatever role they might be needed for in any given situation. This doesn’t just save a lot of seating space but also keeps the team intact – too many people and you never know who might just promote mutiny right under your nose.


With this said, I hope that this article really did help you – hope your business booms to its fullest. Let me know how it goes for you in the comments, if possible. Best of Luck J

Author Bio: Nathan John works are a content editor at u verse u300. He contributes to various online communities and writes about digital marketing, technology, and entertainment.

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