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Top 3 Dedicated Server Hosting Companies in India 2019

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There are millions of websites online today, active or otherwise, dwelling in servers within data centers located across the globe. Servers are specialized computers that are owned, operated or leased by the hosting providers. A server helps in storing and delivering elements of your website – documents, audio, video, files and other data to the Internet users when they visit your website.

There are several hosting plans such as shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, etc. But if you require an isolated environment and special hosting features for your website, you should always select dedicated server hosting.

You may find several web hosting companies that offer free hosting for personal sites and blogs but business or ecommerce websites that require large storage, high-bandwidth, fast-loading and responsiveness for all gadgets can’t accept them. Therefore, you may choose a cheap dedicated server hosting provider that offers you all the above features at an affordable cost.

Let’s check the benefits of a dedicated server hosting:

Server resources aren’t shared: You get all server resources within a single server when you choose a dedicated server. There’s no need to worry about other websites that clog up the server’s RAM and CPU. With a dedicated server, the bad scripts that run on another website or the spikes in bandwidth usage won’t let your server go down as it is dedicated to your website only.

Enhance performance and security: You get maximum uptime, more stability as well as reliability with a dedicated server in comparison to shared server. In a dedicated server, you don’t need to share space with a malicious website.

Flexibility: The clients have the flexibility to customize the server to meet the requirements for CPU, RAM, disk space and software. You don’t get this flexibility in a shared server.

Unique IP address: As you don’t share the dedicated server with any other website, you will have unique IP address. This is specifically important when you run a large ecommerce website that needs an SSL for credit card processing.

Don’t need to pay overhead costs for purchase or equipment maintenance: A dedicated server hosting provider manages all the cost of server equipment building and maintenance that further reduces the cost for businesses purchasing server space as well as improving their return on investment.

Besides this, choosing the best web hosting company also matters a lot as it might affect your website performance. Here are top three dedicated server hosting companies in India for you:

MilesWeb – The Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, MilesWeb was founded in 2012 and has become one of the leading web hosting providers of India. They offer powerful and high performance hybrid Linux dedicated servers in India as well as US data centers. You can opt for MilesWeb dedicated server hosting when:

  • You want a choice of servers – from the basic entry level to latest high performance servers with affordable price points.
  • Select your favorite Linux operating system for your dedicated server.
  • Want to purchase the license for cPanel and Plesk and leave the installation and configuration to the support team.
  • You want root access so that you get full control and freedom for installing your own web applications.
  • Servers include hardware RAID which helps in protecting your data in case there is any issue with the hard drive. You get multitude of RAID options including RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, and RAID10.
  • If you want instant hardware component upgrades such as RAM, disk space, etc. simply specify the amount required to the tech experts and they will upgrade it instantly.
  • You want a server location choice – India or U.S.

Apart from this, they offer unmanaged dedicated server hosting that comes with initial dedicated server hosting setup, control panel installation, if license purchased from MilesWeb, re-installing the OS, rDNS setup and support for hardware and network related issues.

You can check their prices below:

They are available for 24/7/365 days via live chat, email and phone, and offer 99.95% uptime along with 30 day money back guarantee. They have been awarded Readers’ Choice Award 2016 by HostReview, Excellent Service by and Top 10 Web Host Awards for Dedicated Server 2018 by HostReview.

GoDaddy – Find cheapest web hosting services

godaddy  hosting plan

An American Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, GoDaddy was founded in 1997.  Its traditional hosting services such as web hosting, business hosting, and managed WordPress hosting are offered at premium prices. But their price increases for dedicated server packages as those are clearly designed for businesses and organizations that can deal with expensive prices. You should choose GoDaddy only for the below reasons:

  • If you require extreme power, flexibility and control and the high expenses don’t affect you much.
  • You want to choose from self-managed, managed and fully managed dedicated server. They are planned on the basis of OS, patching, monitoring, installs and updates, root access, backups, dedicated IPs, migrations, and support.
  • You are looking for disk mirroring, instant provisioning, cPanel control panel, admin access, MySQL and optional site backup.

Their basic Linux dedicated server plan is Economy starting at Rs. 4,719.00/mo followed by Value at Rs. 6,759.00/mo, Deluxe at Rs. 8,119.00/mo and Ultimate at Rs. 8,799.00/mo. Windows plans have similar names but are expensive than Linux. Check their pricing below:

Linux Dedicated Server Plans:

godaddy dedicated server

Windows Dedicated Server Plans:

godaddy window hos

In addition, they also offer 24/7/365 support via live chat, email and phone along with 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as 45 day money back guarantee.

HostGator- Best Cheapest Dedicated Servers 

hostgator dedicated hosting

A powerful web hosting option, HostGator has made it easy and affordable for both small businesses and enterprises. It caters its customers with shared, VPS, cloud, WordPress and dedicated hosting services. Found in 2002 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, they have become a multi-awarded and well-organized web hosting service. The dedicated servers offered by them are customizable, configurable and flexible. They offer managed or semi-managed dedicated servers with high performance and are best for large businesses as well as websites that receive high-traffic.

You should opt for HostGator for the following reasons:

  • You can adjust server resources dynamically for maintaining optimum performance. It is possible to increase the storage space of your server instantly without the need of data migration.
  • Both cPanel and WHM included on all Linux servers for powerful management of hosting related functionalities as well as overall server configuration.
  • Whether you opt for managed or semi-managed solution, you get direct help on all the technical and configuration issues with managed support or assistance for OS, hardware and basic configuration issues for semi-managed server.

Their basic Linux dedicated server plan is Basic starting at Rs. 6,830/mo followed by Standard at Rs. 7,655/mo, Elite at Rs. 9,415/mo and Pro at Rs. 11,585/mo. Windows plans have similar names but are expensive than Linux. Check their pricing below:

Linux Dedicated Server Plans:

hostgator linux hosting plan

Windows Dedicated Server Plans:

Managed Dedicated Server Plans:

In addition, they also offer 24/7/365 support via live chat, email and phone along with 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as 45 day money back guarantee.

Ultimately, you come to a point that each of the web hosting company mentioned here is lacking in some or the other feature. Yours being a large business, you need to select the company with a bird’s eye view. If you are aware about all the technical functionalities of the server, you can choose semi- or unmanaged dedicated server. While if you don’t have any technical know-how about the servers, managed is always the best choice and so, MilesWeb is the good option at an affordable price.

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