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The Inside Scoop of Internal Linking To Boosts Your Content Marketing SEO

Content Marketing SEO

Every one of us must have heard this common saying ‘content is king’; and yes it is a sheer truth in this world of digital marketing. You cannot rank your website up in any prominent search engines on the internet without quality content in it. However, one thing which everyone should keep in their mind is that it is not always the content, but it is the way how you utilize the best out of it.

While trying to get a better rank for your website and running SEO, one uses a lot of techniques which may include proper keyword research, back-linking, social media optimisation and so on. On the other hand, we often forget an exceedingly less common thing which is called internal linking. Here in this piece of article we will be discussing the most effective ways to use internal linking to boost your content marketing SEO.

What is internal linking?

Internal linking is nothing but a way to unite a page of your with another page from the same website. This is what should be kept in mind; unlike backlinks, internal links creates a connection between one website. On the other hand, backlinks help to create a connection with an external webpage.

Importance of internal linking

Well, there are umpteen importance of internal linking which should not be underestimated at any point of time while doing content marketing. These include proper webpage navigation, structural fundamentals of a webpage and last but not the least, these links allocate PA or page authority which is the utmost important thing while doing SEO.

In a word, we can well understand that internal linking ranks up your website or your content. But how can you use these linking techniques to boost your page? Well here is a detailed explanation about the same.

Techniques to boost you’re your content with internal linking

Try creating an ample of contents: If someone is willing to have a god number of internal links in his website, he will need a good number of content. The basic formula is simple; more the content more is the opportunity to place internal links. Thus for a great internal linking tactic you need some great content marketing tactic. One is not simply possible without the other.

Some of the digital marketing experts say that you do need to have compound mathematical number of links in accordance to your website and you need umpteen layers of pages accordingly. However, practically speaking internal linking is no rocket science that you need to know formulae. All you need is a good number of content and ways to interlink accordingly to your other pages.

Anchor texting is important: The content of your webpage should always use anchored text. Well text anchoring is again nothing very complex. Take simple phrases from your content and anchor it with internal links. Highlight the same and you are good to go

Pro Tip: Do not use optimized phrases for anchoring. Try to go for the natural and un-optimized ones.

Let your visitors dig deep in your website: Try to make links which go deeper in your website. The deeper the links, the better

Pro Tip: Do not link your homepage and contact us page while making internal links for your website. CTA or Call to action is often linked with the contact us page. It is not quite helpful for SEO. It might covert your visitor into your client; but will not rank your website up.

Make naturally readable links for the readers: This basically means create links which are useful for your readers. In this way, they will go deeper in your webpage and search engines will get to see your webpage engagement. As a result, website will be boosted.

Always make appropriate links: When you are trying to redirect your visitors from one page to another, it should be always be relevant.

For example: You just cannot redirect a visitor from an apparel page to a page selling dog food supplement. Nevertheless the fact, that you are selling both the items. Thus relevant linking is quite important.

Internal linking, as a whole is not at all scientific or complex. It is a pretty simple thing that can be used to boost your content marketing SEO. You just need to keep some basic things in mind and you are pretty fine to go.

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