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Most Useful Key Factors to Make Successful Your SEO Campaign

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Many people believe that designing and implementing an SEO campaign ensures a website the first spot on Google SERP. While a proper SEO strategy is imperative to the success of any website or blog, what people tend to ignore are factors inherent to its successful working. This is true of many people including me when I had first tried to build my website believing that inserting keywords and populating the blog section of my website would rank my website higher on Google. My myths were, however, dissolved when my friend who runs a successful digital marketing company in Pune listed necessary factors that I had missed out initially in my attempt to run a successful SEO campaign. Some of them are:

Building links are important:

No one can discount the effectiveness of getting backlinks that not only indicate the credibility of your website, but also its value among customers. One may ignore the importance of seeking backlinks from reliable and trustworthy websites including those ending with .com, .gov, .edu and .org that may be difficult to garner initially, but can be sought by uploading valuable content and linking them to websites advocating similar services. While the process that goes into seeking a backlink from high-authority websites may be time-consuming, the impact is worth the trouble as it not only ensures high ranking of the website but also redirects customers to your website.

Broken links can wreak havoc:

Have you cared to notice if the links connected to and from your website are broken? Broken links are one of the most common errors that affect websites’ rankings adversely. If your website has links pointing to other informational websites, it is possible that they may be broken, thus, showing signs of error when your customers click on them. It is necessary that you review possible site errors and either repair your site’s outgoing links or replace them so that they may point to different relevant web pages.

Review your content regularly:

It is not enough to post blogs and publish content that you think is right for your customers. It is necessary to constantly review the content published on the website and look for factors including appropriate word count, the quantum of traffic, the website’s bounce rate in addition to the images posted with the content. The visual display of the website has a lot to do with its optimization. If there is any content piece that has not attracted any readers, reviewing the website will help determine what went wrong and understanding the kind of content that attracts customers, thus, building up its credibility in the long run.

Being aware of your client base:

Customers do not trust any website easily. This means that to induce a customer to buy your product or avail your services, you need to constantly update your website with relevant information. Implementing a well-designed SEO strategy that is in sync with your business ensures your customers to constantly revisit your website before making a purchase. Customer retention can be possible when you have your customers’ details. This you do by sharing your details on social media where your prospective customers may follow you and subscribe to your email list. Retargeting is an important aspect of a digital marketing campaign which is possible only when you have your customers’ details. Being aware of your client base is basic to your remarketing efforts that ultimately translate into business opportunities.

Understanding your customers’ website:

Not all customers browse your website with the intent to buy your products. Some may casually browse your website looking for information. It is necessary to examine your customer behavior and target them accordingly using specific keywords. You need to understand that the same keyword may not appeal to all.


It cannot be denied that running a well-designed SEO campaign is the most important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. With Google algorithms constantly changing to improve their customers’ experience, it is important that one takes into account necessary factors that may have an indirect impact on the page ranking of their website.

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Rishabh Agarwal is an SEO specialist with a Techmagnate and handles the projects for various SEO as well as advertising aspects. He helps the entrepreneur and online business community by sharing his experience in the form of articles and blogs.

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