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SEO and Instagram Marketing: Optimizing Your Profile and Posts

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SEO is not something that generally strikes your mind when you think of social media channels like Instagram. After all, the platform has established its reputation in the market quite effectively and is currently the pioneer in visual sharing on social media. It is quite obvious for you to think that the visual-only social media channel has nothing to do with your website’s SEO, but to your surprise, it can actually affect your online visibility, which is the ultimate attribute of search engine optimization.

There are two ways to gain SEO success through Instagram marketing – optimizing your Instagram profile and optimizing the posts. Let’s take a brief look at both the aspects.

Instagram Profile Optimization

When it comes to optimizing your Instagram profile, the first and foremost thing to consider is making a switch to the business account. Although there are a limited number of options, here is how you can make the most of your Instagram profile:

Handle: Do not utilize numbers in your handle since they are often regarded as spammy. Make it something unique and relevant to your brand.

Profile Name: When choosing your profile name for Instagram, make sure that the name matches with your other accounts across various social media platforms. Also, just like your handle, the profile name should also fit well with your business.

Description and Photo: Include brief yet descriptive information in the bio section. You can also insert keywords there, but make sure it looks sensible. For your profile photo selection, you can either go with the logo of your brand or a high-quality image that defines your business.

Link: Insert a link that can direct followers to your website and likewise add your Instagram profile link to your site. Until and unless you invest in sponsored ads on Instagram, this is the only link you can count on. You can get more followers for Instagram by hiring the services of credible social media marketing companies and grow your business.

Optimizing Instagram Posts

Making your posts visible on Instagram is an absolute must or else you will get overshadowed by the thousands of posts that are published every minute. Here are some steps that you should follow:

Premium Quality Images: Only share images that are of absolute high-quality. Be creative in making your posts enticing enough to ensure high user engagement.

Caption: Just like the description section in your profile, make sure you insert some brief sentences in the image caption before sharing it. You can tell your brand story through captions. If possible, you can also make use of keywords relevant to your brand.

Hashtags: Perhaps the biggest determining factor in improving your online visibility is the proper application of hashtags. Always insert the brand-related and popular hashtags. If you are a local business owner, focus on hashtags that are popular in your local niche. Smart usage of hashtags is the key to both your Instagram and SEO success.

Concluding Thoughts

Instagram and SEO will go hand-in-hand in the future and as a smart marketer, you should take the important steps to embrace the future of digital marketing. Keep the aforementioned points in mind and optimize your profile and posts on Instagram carefully.

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