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Secret Surveillance Software to Protect Small Business

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The businesses across the world have been employing different tools and tactics to monitor their workforce, protect company assets and confidential information and streamline work processes. There are numerous software and applications intended for small and medium scale business organizations to remotely operate specific functionalities of the business and keep their workers under surveillance. The employee surveillance software enables the employers and business managers to track the activities of their workers performed on the company-owned computer and mobile phone devices. While there are numerous employee monitoring software to choose from, picking up feature-rich and reliable software can be a daunting task. While we have reviewed several business management and employee monitoring software, we can help you get the surveillance software most appropriate for small and medium businesses.

Best Secret Surveillance Software for Small Businesses

TheOneSpy employee monitoring software can be referred to the entrepreneurs of small and medium scale business thanks to its broader range of monitoring features and reasonable cost. It is multi-platform software which means it supports several devices and operating systems. You can monitor mobile phones, computers and tablets running Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and MAC operating system. Once you get a device installed with the spy software, it lets you monitor and manage that device with remote control features. The end-user of the spy software is provided access to an online account/control panel through which the target device can be monitored and controlled.

Main Features of Secret Surveillance Software

The software comes loaded with hundreds of features to track the data stored on the monitored device and control specific functions of the device. We have rounded up here only the main features of the software useful for the businesses.

Monitor Internal Communication

The businesses use several messaging applications for internal communication. For example, Skype and WhatsApp are the instant messengers most commonly used by the businesses for communication between the co-workers. The surveillance app lets you monitor the messaging apps used by your workers to communicate with their co-workers and higher authorities. You can read all of their received and sent text and instant messages right on the online account of the surveillance software. This conversation lets you know what kind of discussions have been made by your workers and whether or not it includes the stuff of bullying, gossips or bad mouthing about the company or co-workers.

Track Phone Calls

The phone calls of your workforce can be tracked to figure out the performance of your customer care department. Also, these calls let you monitor the external communication i.e., the conversations of your workers with clients and third parties. The surveillance software records all phone calls of your staff to keep you updated about their performance and trustworthiness.

Spy on Social Media Apps

Social media plays an important role in creating and boosting the brand awareness. However, the negative, excessive and unsupervised use of the social networking platforms can do more harm than good. The monitoring software lets you monitor the popular social media apps including Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.It helps you ensure your workers are communicating appropriate message and company information to the current and potential buyers.

Monitor Remote Workers

The location tracking feature of the monitoring software lets you monitor the remote workforce. For example, the carrier companies can track the journeys of the traveling staff to ensure they are on assigned routes.

Track Emails and Keylogs

The emails sent and received by your workers can hold important information about the company. The tracking software accesses all the correspondences of your workers and lets you know if they contain confidential or incorrect information of the company. Meanwhile, the spy software records the strokes applied to the monitored device’s keyboard including the keystrokes of usernames, passwords and email addresses.

Monitor Surroundings

The employee monitoring software lets you monitor the surroundings of your workers turning on the cameras and MIC of their monitored computers and mobile phones. By sending a command from the online control panel of spy software, you can direct the monitored device to capture photos, make videos and record voices in the surrounding area.

Track Internet History

As an employer or business manager, you must be informed of the internet use of your workers. While the majority of the workers misuse the company internet for streaming the music and video sites, updating their personal social media profiles and online shopping, the spy software lets you monitor the internet history of your workers to detect how they are using the privilege provided by the company.

Screen Recording

The employee surveillance software lets you monitor every single activity of your workers performed on their devices with the help of screenshots and video recording of the screens of the monitored computers. It lets you know what type of activities your workers are involved in their computers.

The Bottom Line

The secret surveillance software enables the employers to give their businesses a push by preventing their workers from getting involved in malicious and unproductive activities; protecting the sensitive company data and assets, and ensuring the dissemination of accurate information to current and potential customers.

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