amalgamating Dynamics AX and 365

Microsoft has doubled the power of Dynamics, by amalgamating Dynamics AX and 365!

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Microsoft launched its hottest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, which was known as AX7 in the beginning, and it is now known as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The Dynamics AX latest edition was a bit of a departure from old forms of the Dynamics AX in plenty of ways, and yet there were a host of things that make this a perfect ERP solution for the companies. Dynamics AX now is more powerful, and contains a host of new features now. It is aimed to smoothen the operations in an organization. Hence, it contains everything that a company requires to streamline sits financial and operational activities. When it comes to the new version, Microsoft has certainly bettered its offering by not only transforming the UI, but by also adding a host of new features.

The biggest leap taken by Microsoft is amalgamation of the Microsoft CRM with Dynamics AX which is an ERP solution. Though, Microsoft’s CRM already has a great following, and the latest version Dynamics 365, is brimmed with cutting-edge features that not just help the customer support team, but have a lot to offer to the sales and marketing teams of the company as well. Be it the dedicated sections for the marketing teams to curate and distribute world-class campaigns to the ease of sending out the campaigns to a great number of people, Dynamics 365 is a fantastic software for the marketing teams. Plus, even the sale steam find it highly beneficial as they can score the leads, and identify the most lucrative ones using the software.

This was about the CRM tool, now, when it comes to the ERP solution, which is Dynamics AX or rather the newly named Dynamics Finance and Operations, it has a lot to offer to the company as well. The solution is very smartly designed to help the companies manage their operations in a stunning manner. The software can be used by a group of individuals together, and also by different teams, hence, it offers a great way to work in sync with each other. Here are some of the latest features present in the Dynamics Finance and Operations:

  • Smooth integration of the Life Cycle Processes

 Life Cycle Services have quickly advanced since its early release to become an integral part of every AX implementation. It is also a very essential part of the present care and serving of a running instance of Dynamics AX.  Be it the initial deployment of Life Cycle system, functional tuning, code review, or business process planning, LCS is the perfect solution that powers up the AX.  Integration with LCS in a fresh, and highly useful addition in the new Dynamics AX.

  • The complete app can be accessed on a browser

The fresh HTML/JavaScript client substitutes both the old Windows client as well as the Enterprise Portal.  Which implies that each and everything can be accessed via the browser. Now, the user would not need any clients to install or handle it. In fact, the user will not even need more terminal services or even the Citrix to administer.

  • More reliable functions via the Cloud delivery

Microsoft has invested a lot of money in the Azure data hubs. And, the new version of the Microsoft Dynamics AX allows the user to make full use of the investment in terms of the features offered. Great availability and disaster error tolerant deployments are now common.  A user will not need to find out the number of servers to purchase and come up with their own strategy for disaster recovery.  Now, in the new version, everything required is already present and the deployment can flex up and down the servers in use to fulfill all the requirements.

  • The whole development set up is now combined in Visual Studio.

You read it right, all the features of MorphX can be accessed in the Visual Studio. Professionals can now make full use of the Visual Studio projects, mix customary X++ development with the other languages, make good use of the TFS for version control, etc. This a new and a very useful addition in the AX.

Overall, there is certainly a lot that’s added in the new Dynamics AX. But what makes it all the more powerful is the amalgamation with the Dynamics CRM. Therefore, Dynamics 365 as a bundle is a perfect solution to adopt in order to manage a host of things, and not just specifically CRM or ERP.

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