Lifestyle Overhaul

Lifestyle Overhaul: Tips For A Better 2019


2018 is nearly coming to an end and 2019 is fast approaching. Has this year been good to you? Or has it been another mediocre year which could have been better spent? Some of us may have had the greatest year of our lives; some, unfortunately, may have had their worst year ever and may have been feeling down in the dumps. Whether you’ve had the former or the latter, getting better and improving in all possible areas in your life is a very good goal to set.

A lifestyle overhaul is a thing many wish to do especially during the early months of the year, a “New Year’s Resolution” as it is otherwise known. But why do we find it hard to stick to our ‘resolutions’ even though our determinations may be off the charts? Well, the answer is, sometimes, we tend to go overboard.

In this article, we would be focusing on the practical and realistic resolutions that would definitely make our lives easier, more comfortable and hopefully, happier.

Let Go Of All Things Negative and Toxic

 First things first: You have to let go of everything that is weighing you down. You may not realize it but holding on to grudges does not only affect you mentally and emotionally but also physically.

Apologies and forgiveness have been scientifically linked to blood pressure and heart rate. In fact, according to a study by Whited, Wheat and Larkin, “persons high in forgiveness displayed more rapid diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure recovery than persons low in forgiveness.” Forgive and apologize: You deserve inner peace.

Engage Yourself in More Social Interactions

“No man is an island.” Go to that bar you’ve been dying to go to. Join that dance club your friend has been telling you about. You can even organize the hottest party in town if you want to. But make sure that you coordinate well with your event rentals so that you can be sure that everything goes smoothly as planned. You can invite your friends and tell them to also bring friends. This is a great way to widen your social sphere and improve connections.


Get a Wardrobe Update

“Clothes doth maketh a man” is an idiom that is as cliche as it is important. Although it may seem superficial, a wardrobe update does more magic than it seems. Wear clothes that are well-fitted. You can wear trendy and good quality clothes but if it does not fit you well, it can be far from flattering. More importantly, do not ever compromise comfort for fashion.

Wearing the right clothes makes you look more presentable and it boosts your confidence. As we all know, confidence is a great weapon that has the ability to influence not just your social life but also your professional career. A study conducted by the University of Melbourne found a direct link between high confidence-levels and career success.


Find Your Passion

Improve your overall mental health by finding a hobby or rekindling an old passion. Why don’t you try painting? Playing the guitar? You can even try parasailing if that’s what floats your boat (*wink). Spending time with yourself is just as important as spending time with other people. Strengthen your mental health by learning to have fun and enjoy by yourself. The benefits of self-love are endless.


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