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Is Search Engine Optimization a good idea for me? Detailed Overview!


SEO is a good idea for you if you want to:

Keep your company website healthy

SEO isn’t a one-time thing, it has to be performed consistently and continuously. This means a capable SEO agency would be monitoring your company’s website all the time. Therefore, it can help you reduce risks and maintain your organization’s health. Any page that presents the customers with a 404 error or has duplicate content could have an effect on your website’s search rankings.

The SEO experts you hire will be analyzing the technical side of your website, as well as, the functional part. Once they have taken care of the technical side as mentioned above, they can highlight the promotional opportunities it presents to improve the functional part.

Decrease your cost per acquisition

The only cost you should worry about with SEO is the amount you spend to hire SEO experts. The magic of the SEO once applied goes on giving! Moreover, it is also far less expensive than other forms of advertising that help to acquire new customers. Thus, you decrease your cost per customer acquired with the help of the SEO agency that you hire.

Increase brand awareness

Want to impress potential customers? Then get your website to occupy one of the top positions in the search rankings! That’s because the more search users your site is exposed to, the more brand awareness you will create.

Besides this, the users begin to associate your brand with the keywords you have been targeting. This association comes in handy when they are making a purchase. Moreover, it also builds trust in your customers. After all, most users consider companies present on the first page of a search, as more trustworthy. It would seem that Search Engine Optimization has many advantages that just keep on coming!

Leave your competitors behind

You aren’t the only one thinking of leaving your competition in the dust. However, with SEO, it is likely that you’d be able to gain ground. Just remember that this will only be possible if you choose the SEO agency right for your business. Don’t just focus on the cost; instead, see if the agency is fulfilling your SEO needs.

Even if your site is offering customers better services or prices, they would be more likely to head to your competition if they have good SEO! Invest in the right firm and watch your sales grow.

Give your current and potential customers a better user experience

When SEO experts talk about optimization, they don’t just mean your search rankings. They also include things like improved user experience in the process. A capable SEO professional would know that user experience counts as one of the significant ranking factors. They will thus work to make that happen. This means a design which is mobile-friendly is essential. Other than that, your website should have the structure and the content that keeps bounce rates low. It is all about the user experience for search engines. If your company website can provide that, it will not just rank high, but your website visitors will also appreciate it.

Benefit from the lasting results

There are many differences between PPC and SEO. While the results from the former are long-term, it is a short-lived expense. Investing in a good SEO campaign leaves a lasting impact on the perception of a search engine for a given website. Great SEO firms will always advise their clients in favor of SEO over PPC.

Explore new markets

The biggest advantage of the web is that it lends businesses the ability to expand into other markets. Businesses like yours should take advantage to reach deeper into the world’s fastest growing markets. A successfully run SEO campaign can help you find new markets and become part of new economies. Traffic to your website could get a boost with social media platforms, SEO and mobile marketplaces.

Increase website traffic

Organic search can boost a website’s performance much better than any other methods. Besides this, it is also a critical component of the buyer funnel. Visitors that land on your company’s website can be convinced to complete their conversion. At the very least, they can boost up the levels of engagement.

But how do you get those visitors directed the right way? Ask any marketer, and they’d tell you that Google owns a larger proportion of the search market as compared to its competitors. Whether it is Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Baidu, they contribute to a quarter of the search market. All search engines are important to a brand’s visibility, but Google is the clear-cut leader. Therefore, its guidelines are the most important and should be followed religiously.

Without a doubt, Google is the website visited the most not just in the United States, but also in the whole world. Additionally, it has the highest number of email users, making it the most popular global email provider. This means a huge majority of people from all over the world visit Google once every day – at least those with access to the internet. Imagine the kind of traffic your website could have and the exposure you have at your disposal. Therefore, with quality SEO, you can become a trusted resource of Google.

Avoid Google penalties and lose your website traffic overnight

There is a downside to Google’s popularity too. In 2011, Overstock was granted a penalty by Google for going against its guidelines. Overstock’s crime was that they had been offering discounted rates to schools that would place certain links on their sites. Those links led to Overstock, and they were penalized by getting banned from Google’s first-page search results for two months. If you think that wouldn’t have made a dent in their revenue stream, then consider this: the penalty affected their revenue by as much as 5 percent. The main reason that they lost a substantial amount of money was that of a lull in their website traffic. With a good SEO on your side, you can avoid Google penalties and don’t end up losing your website traffic almost overnight!

Is SEO beginning to sound more and more like the way to go? We think so too! Hire an agency that excels at SEO, and you will begin to reap the optimization benefits very soon!

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