Improve affiliate marketing in 2018 

5 Secret Techniques to Improve affiliate marketing in 2018 

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There is a plethora of things that mounts affiliate marketing- lets clear the misinformation! In this article, I have narrowed down the basics of affiliate marketing, how it works and amazing techniques to improve it.

What is an Affiliate marketing?

It is the process wherein you earn a commission by referring someone to buy any’s firm product. You see a product, promote it and if someone buys it on your recommendation, small amount of earning goes into your pocket. The commission depends on what you are promoting. So, affiliate marketing is the process of spreading product across different parties. An affiliate can promote one or many products and puts in all their efforts to convince the consumers so they end up taking or buying it.

Know some of the common terms connected with Affiliate marketing


Three things play a great role to become a merchant like have a product idea, build your idea and create the product.

#Commission, percentage

How much money you can make from every product you are promoting to the customers

#Landing pages

Most of the products that you will be promoting shall have scores of landing pages, you need to check which is best for you by using A/B testing.

#Custom coupons

This is used to track sales and boost affiliate sales as well.

How does Affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is mysterious to most marketers and there are different sorts of performance-based models associated with affiliate marketing. Either you involve yourself owning a website or prefer to have digital marketing real estate. You get a link, which is hailed as an affiliate link for each product you are going to promote. The work takes the visitors to the merchant’s brand. And these programs will include loyalty sites and coupon. The main goal of affiliate marketing is to attract as many people as you can to click on your links. This would increase your chances of earning a commission.

So, sign up for this program, after doing it you will get an affiliate link that has the username and password. When a visitor clicks on your link and after browsing if he/she becomes a customer, then a company is being notified of the same and give credit for making the sale. Plus, there is no charges for signing up an affiliate program. But if you are going to use any promotion technique, then there you will need to invest something.

Let’s shed some light on the techniques to improve affiliate marketing

Undoubtably, this has been here for a long time and like everything this is not static. Every year it brings new challenges and trends. So, if you want to win the battle and stay on the top, know what is happening in 2018.

#Earnings pay click model

A payment model established to indicate the earnings you generated through clicks on your affiliating link, Earnings pay click is the revenue for every click or the activity done on affiliate marketing links. It gives a deep insight into what is taking place for affiliates and advertisers. This is basically used with PPC (Pay per click) to pay for each click. You can maximise your sales by doing a deep dive into EPC. This will explain you how much you can earn and going to earn. Moreover, shows you the big picture of marketing endeavours and how you can evaluate the total value of your efforts. Some of the other ways to increase your affiliate marketing campaigns are:

  • Get to know whether paid advertising is worth the money or not by seeing how much you have earned and how much you have spent
  • Measure how various links do well in regards to others
  • Do A/B testing to check which website is profitable and most valuable
  • Comparison of various affiliate partners to check how they are earning the most

#Ecommerce is growing

Folks from all over the world using more advanced payment methods like credit card, debit, etc. This way you can make more money as the ecommerce will get bigger with each passing year. To attract more people, you will need creative material to promote services. There are scores of affiliate networks that send letters to its affiliates. This is a superb way to run a promotion or an add, and work harder to meet your goals, success and benefit.

#Always review a product

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you need to review a product or serviced offered by the organization. It would be a great idea to evaluate the product you are promoting. Put yourself in the shoes of the customers and think what information you would be looking for and whether you like the product or not. This will give you a clear picture of the product that you own the product and able to promote it for the customers. If you yourself don’t like the product and still promoting, then no visitors will be coming to your website and clicking the links rendered. If the product you are reviewing is valuable, then make an effort to bring it in front of the audience and promote it.

#Make a presence

One of the most important points to consider when using affiliate marketing is building your audience. Recently, oodles of marketers emphasized on tendering traffic of hundreds or thousands of websites. Now, marketers focus on native. Advertisements that are consistent with the look entice more crowd. Your business is all about your relationship with the audience. So, your focus should be building the relationship by promoting the best product. To make sure, you are ahead of the affiliate partners, test formats and keep check on where your traffic is coming from and what engaging the technologies.

#Video content

Videos are everywhere. You visit any social networking site. And now people are more interested watching a live video or any demo. This is being predicted that video content engages more public than any other thing. If you are selling any video program, compare it with the other programs and check what makes it different from each other. Do a comparison and a genuine review so that they choose your products over others. 2018 forecasts that video content will engage audience and attract more traffic through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

There is no limit to what amount you can earn with affiliate marketing. All you need is the right product to promote to the customers. The more you can earn by sending more visitors through clicks on the links. If you want to get it at the first place, take a deep dive and understand it if you are considering using affiliate marketing. This will continue to thrive for many, many years with full of new challenges, strategies and more.

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