How to Increase your Conversion Rate

How to Increase your Conversion Rate

Digital Marketing

The competition between websites has skyrocketed and so has the number of consumers visiting or using them. But when we talk about site visits or activity, an important aspect to look at is the Conversion Rate. Conversion Rate is the percentage of visitors who take up your desired action or goal on a given page, whether it is filling up a registration form, subscribing to newsletters or making a purchase. And that is where the significance of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes in, which is a data-driven process for increasing the percentage of visitors who take a specific action and convert a goal. The conversion rate optimization is calculated by dividing the number of people who convert by the number of people who are asked to take an action.

Now having talked about conversion rate, let’s talk about increasing it. We can increase our business online by:-
1. Increasing more traffic to a website to increase sales.


2. Improve the conversion rate and turn the current traffic into paying customers.

Easy Steps to Increase the CRO of A Website

  • Define Your Targeted Audience – Define and identify the age groups you want to target. This will help in focused promotions, content and other optimization solutions to drive sales for the desired products or services.
  • Competitive Analysis – Analyze the website/content/promotions of competitors and compare that with your own. This will help you create a good environment for your visitors as you would now have the understanding of what your website visitors like to see, increasing your visitor count as well as conversions.
  • Create a Unique Value Proposition- Make your site unique and engaging for your visitors. Describe the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer’s needs and what distinguishes you from the competition.
  • Add Relevant Images, Videos, Blogs & Make it Responsive- Good images and a responsive website are always helpful. Remember, people like to look at what they find attractive. Images also provide a clear picture of what you are providing to your customers.
  • Increase Better Readability by Avoiding Spelling & Grammatical Mistakes – People generally do not have much time to go through every little piece of content on the internet, so they choose that which is easy and fast to read and understand. Avoiding spelling and grammatical mistakes to make it that much easier & faster for them will only help you in increasing conversion rates.
  • Place Proper CTA Button- These buttons make site traversing much easier than it ever was and this helps your visitors to go to the page they want smoothly and without any hassle. It helps your customers to easily navigate throughout the portal as well as lead them to sellable products/services on your site.
  • Add Reviews, Success Stories, Surveys, Testimonials & Trust Seals- Although these things may seem small at first, they play a huge role in your site’s reliability. The trust factor is what every website has to work towards to increase its traffic. More trust will bring more customers.
  • Clearly Mention the Benefits of the Product or Service- Apart from the clarity that this information will provide to your customers, it also sets you apart from the rest of the competition selling similar products/services. This can only benefit with increased traffic and conversions.
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing- These tests help a great deal in getting to know the mindset of the visitors such as their likes and dislikes and so on. This type of testing is a way to compare two versions of a single variable, typically by testing a subject’s response to variant A against variant B, and determining which of the two variants is more effective.
  • Experimenting- At times experimenting on your website can help to leverage and improve conversions in a more effective way to generate more sales.
  • Get People Engaged Immediately- Engagement is extremely necessary because without engagement the customers might lose interest in your website and may leave even though you are providing good services.

Hindrances in Achieving a Good CRO

The two main hindrances in getting a Good CRO are:

Undersupply of Resources: Lack of allocation of proper resources makes it very difficult to get a good CRO.
• Knowledge Deficiency: Lack of Knowledge is a common problem faced in getting a good CRO for an online business. Research is a valuable skill and tool in knowing what resources need to be utilized when and where. As they say, knowing is half the battle won.


With everything said and done, we know that Digital Marketing is growing at a fast pace with the exponential increase in the number of internet users, day by day. But so it the competition. And to push ahead of that competition and maintain that lead once achieved, knowing how it all works and having the right tools is crucial. Following expert guidance to reach the expected growth and avoiding or managing the problems that you find along the way, can help you in the long run in getting a successful growing business that is always ready for the market’s competitive nature.

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