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How To Create A Loyalty With Your Clients


All the phase in the purchase process is vital for a marketing strategy, but undoubtedly, customer loyalty is one of the essential aspects. Create engagement and make the user feel special so that he/she can count on your brand again and again.

Invest in customer loyalty to sell more:

One of the mistakes that brands make is to only focus on making sales. This should be the final goal, but along the way, you should take care of more factors. Many brands believe that by launching promotions, they will achieve customer loyalty and, as a result, they will sell more.

When you look at the data that deals with building customers’ loyalty, you will understand that to make consistent sales, you must start creating bonds.

Several studies claim that the majority of sales generated by a brand are made by people who have already been customers of that company. Customers’ loyalty can assume up to 74% of sales.

A loyal customer is the one who repeats transactions with your brand. The one that returns again and again to your business because he knows that what you provide satisfies his needs.

Reasons to Build Customer Loyalty:

1. Creating engagement with your clients will allow you to obtain a greater scope:

The more followers you have and the more loyal you are with your brand, the more people will see your publications. And this can apply to any social network.

Instagram is one of the social networks that create the most engagement with users. What will happen if you manage to retain customers from this social network? Your publications will get twice as many impressions and reach potential customers who did not know you.

In digital marketing, you can not only think about sales. You have to be present where your users are. There is no better way to retain customers than by giving them quality contents in their comfort zones.

2. Engagement increases trust and loyalty:

All the actions you develop to create engagement, conversations and interactions with your customers will develop a sense of belonging.

Users like to connect with other people, not with products. If you manage to attract them and keep them hooked, they will generate confidence in you which will in turn results in more sales.

3. Your most committed clients will help you improve:

Loyalty to customers will make you stand out. The simple fact of wanting to remain in the mind of your target audience should be enough reason to work for loyalty.

If there is one aspect in which these faithful consumers can help you, it is to improve. No one better than a user committed to your brand will tell you what they think about you. They will be predisposed to answer your surveys and evaluations, and their answers will be of great value.

4. Loyal customers buy more:

You should aim at having many of your audience to interact in the comment sections. When others see discussion about your post, they will pay attention to your brand, and that is the ideal time to hook up with them.

This is also applicable to your blog. If you get your readers to comment, share opinions, perceptions or experiences and you as a brand interact with them, you will be able to retain them, and they will be more receptive to your services.

5. You will become a human and closer brand:

Nobody likes to talk to robots, and one of the mistakes of some brands is that they do not show their real personality. They focus on being politically correct and although they are not robots which interact, they give the feeling of being it. The best thing you can do is to show your personality.

Social networks and marketing are much more united than we sometimes think. Participating, interacting and showing the personalities of the brand are the factors that lead the audience to be faithful.

This way, you will not only make your brand advocates fall in love, but you will also begin to create stronger bonds with less close customers.

6. A loyal customer will be twice as attentive to your brand:

The attention that a person is willing to give to a particular subject varies depending on what is of interest to him/her. If you have a large community on social networks, you can get the attention of your audience by sharing quality contents and organizing exciting contests.

How to retain customers?

For all this, you need to know everything that goes through your target’s head. From there, the segmentation of the audience and the personalization of the contents are vital for customer loyalty. Otherwise, if you use a generic tone, you will never create bonds with them. Some ways to build customer loyalty are:

  • Sharing valuable content: You can only do it at the moment you have all the necessary information of your target. The key is in personalization.

  • Offering rewards for loyalty: What is the main factor that encourages a customer to opt for your brand over your competitors? To a large extent, it is the price. Try to develop the appropriate offer to the right customer at the right time. An offer that the client can access by following you at all time.

  • Innovate, surprise and create new experiences: Innovation speaks volume, and this can be the reason why you will earn your clients’ loyalties. You have to create new and exciting experiences and surprise your clients when they least expect. With this, you will not only retain your existing customers, but you will also attract new clients.

  • Email Marketing: The newsletters are the best option to hook your customers by email. This channel can help you with several objectives such as:

– Loyalty to your users.

– Attract potential customers.

– Generate a higher volume of traffic to your website.

For your Email marketing strategy, do not irrelevant messages so that you will not be marked as spam.

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