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How do reputed Call Centres handle a surge in Call Volumes?


At the present time, customers have multiple choices in support service mediums such as telephone, email, live chat, etc. However, customers often choose the voice channel when they want reliable resolutions of product-related issues from the company. Owing to this, organisations face mammoth call traffic that isn’t easy to handle.

To enhance customers’ calling experience, most of the business owners get in touch with a well-known call centre service provider. To build clients’ brand image, established call centres handle call volume to the perfection.

Wondering how call centres manage the footfalls of customers on the voice channel? Here are some pointers that you need to go through:

1.   Forecasting

Well, renowned call centres always render quality customer service channel on the voice channel because of their ability to forecast call volume. This factor cannot be taken lightly because companies that manage support service requests on their own generally fail to handle customer call traffic due to lack of preparation. This not only affects business’s brand image but also invites the hassle of customer turnover.

How do renowned call centre service providers forecast the call volume? Actually, call centres check historical data, tracking, and other statistics on the regular basis. Owing to this good habit, they succeed in delivering phenomenal support experience. Apart from that, the vast industrial experience also plays a vital role in handling the upsurge in call volume.

2.   Call-back facility

During the peak hours, it is significant to manage call volume perfectly, otherwise, the problem of customer defection could take place. Before you start wondering how managing call volume is related to customer turnover, we would like to inform you that call queue length generally increases during the peak hours, thereby, average wait time rises and makes a negative impact on the customer satisfaction score.

Apart from that, it is vitally important to deliver prodigious solutions during peak hours because any carelessness in the course of support service interactions could not only make a dent on the business’s reputation but also give an opportunity to competitors to get the upper hand.

Here, the prominence of call-back service gets increased as it reduces the average number of support service queries to a large extent and keeps the CX levels stable. That’s the main reason why renowned call centres add ‘Call-back’ option in the IVR menu.

3.   Self-service facility

Another impressive move that every specialised call centre service provider takes to manage high call volume is ‘Providing self-service facility.’ The importance of this facility cannot be taken for granted because it helps to maintain the stability of the CSAT score by reducing the call volume.

Furthermore, 69% of customers also want companies to offer self-service facility as the former don’t want to be dependent on support agents for the resolution of trivial issues. This is a win-win factor for business if customers solve their issues on their own as it would not only slash the average number of support requests but also ensure better assistance for those patrons that are waiting in a queue.

All in all, self-service facility plays a prime role for established call centres in handling the high call volume.

4.   Adequate staffing

Optimal staffing is vital to run a successful call centre as it ensures the smooth delivery of unparalleled solutions on all support channels. The large workforce is the factor that helps reputed call centre service providers in providing stupendous support experience.

However, managing a large workforce isn’t an easy job to do as a minor staffing mistake can affect the whole operation of providing customer service.

Generally, companies that run an in-house call centre struggle during the hiring process because they don’t know how many agents should be appointed to handle call volume fluctuations.

Understaffing could affect the quality of customer service whereas overstaffing increases the agent idle time and makes a negative impact on the business’s bottom line. After knowing this, you shouldn’t have more doubts regarding why proper staffing is vital.

How do specialised service providers identify the number of support agents who are required for handling customer service queries? Well, WFM (workforce management) software gets used for the same.

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