guide to find jobs in Penang

An ultimate guide to find jobs in Penang


Software engineering is the jobs related to computer. The computer has now become the need of every individual as it provides all the information with just a click. Technology is growing rapidly and keeps on increasing day by day. So, to cope up with technology you have to become competitive. Software engineers are the one who specialized in the areas which need development such as networks, database or application, and operating systems. Every company who is engaged in the business of operating their own computers needs a software engineer to write, test and edit programs. While some engineers want to work alone while others prefer to collaborate with another specialist In order to create complex projects. IT industry is a thriving industry in Penang which is experiencing rapid growth compared to other sectors; therefore the jobs are increasing in number for the job seekers.


If you want to make your career in these jobs, you must hold bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science or related field. You are able to secure your position if you have prior experience of five to seven years in software development or engineering. A candidate is proficient in the C++, Objective-C, or JavaScript programming languages.

Responsibilities of an engineer:  

  • Developing and directing software system validations
  • Work closely with the clients and other staff to communicate project status and proposal
  • Regularly monitor system performance
  • Take initiative to solve problems by applying statistics and mathematics
  • Able to shape the future of our system
  • To accomplish the technical needs of the company, create innovative solutions
  • Manage the software development cycle

How to get the job?

  • Social networking:There are numerous networking websites which are helping a large number of candidates. They provide a platform, where candidates and employers can interact to grab the job opportunities. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can prove out to be a reliable resourceful source for getting the job which you prefer.


  • Word of mouth:This method is another one which helps candidates in getting software jobs. Candidate’s name is referred to the employers by the existing employees or if you have some powerful back. This method is the most successful method as the chances of being rejected is very low. It is only applicable to the candidates who have jack in the companies and not to everyone




  • Contacts:Your contacts can help you a lot in getting jobs in the relevant sector. All you need to do is inform your friends that you are looking for a job in the IT industry or in any other sector


  • Job portals:Registering on job portals can help you in getting job s in a very short span of time. Firstly prepare your resume with an attractive cover letter, highlighting your skills, and education. If you are an experienced candidate do mention your achievements, experience etc. Monster Malaysia, Bayt and Indeed are some of the leading job portal which are continuously helping candidates in getting jobs are as follows:

Looking for jobs in Penang? Sign in or upload your CV on these above-mentioned job portals. You will be notified through direct contacts or emails if you have the required abilities and skills. What are you waiting for, go and register now?

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