Guidance Purchasing Perfect Wireless Microphone

Guidance For Purchasing The Perfect Wireless Microphone


Since our market has diversified brands and options for a product, customers are in a position to get some adequate knowledge about the functioning and pros and cons of the product they purchase. Primarily, they should be aware of their requirement before getting into the knowledge gaining phase.

This concept has been applied in picking up a right wireless microphone in the market. A microphone has diversified usage in our society and we would have seen these items mostly used by politicians, musicians, singers, public announcement and educators and so on. Keeping in mind of their application need, a buyer shall go through this article.

 First of all, let me reason out the need for buying a wireless microphone. Wired microphones restrict the users in a constrained space without allowing them to roam freely. Of course, it is obvious that the recent technological development has been making every electronic devices wireless that includes mouse, keyboard, earphones and so on.

Secondly, buyers have to know the two major components of a wireless microphone.

  • Transmitter: converts audio signal into radio signal
  • Receiver: converts radio signal into audio signal.

Thirdly, this article details on some of the popular models about its make, battery, specific application and other similar aspects so that the buyer can choose the best one according to their requirement.

Having a look at the advantages and demerits of a microphone model, a customer could be able to shape out his needs clearly and select the best wireless microphone.

  • Shure SLX2/SM58 Handheld Transmitter along with SM58 microphone H5

The special features of this model involve the following:

  • Microphone cartridge is interchangeable.
  • LCD Display provided at the back showing time.
  • Easily installable SLX system having Auto frequency setup and Auto Transmitter setup

i.e., Transmitter automatically gets synchronised with a receiver at the other end.

  • Supports 20 suitable systems in a specified range.
  • 3 segment battery fuel gauge and the battery is rechargeable and it can last up to 8 hours.
  • 10” x 2” is the size of microphone operating at low power of less than 50 Watts.

Application areas:

  • Best for singers who look for a quality and clarity model over price.
  • Best for big functions and public events.

  • Sennheiser EW 135 G3-A-US handheld cardiod EW system

The advantages of buying this model over others are listed as follows:

  • Handling Versatility of music.
  • Metal Casing ensures rough handling and long life.
  • HDX compander for crystal clear sound
  • Equalizer and Sound check mode.
  • Enhanced Audio Frequency range compared to ordinary microphones such that it supports up to 12 frequencies.
  • Auto frequency scan for available frequencies
  • Auto-Lock function preventing accidental settings change.
  • 4 step battery indicator.
  • Cartridge recharge possible even it is attached with a transmitter.


  • Carrying case is not provided.

Application areas:

  • Best for Karaoke host
  • Professional musician as the model is compatible with music versatility
  • DJ and Public Entertainer

  • GTD Audio G-622H 200 Channel UHF Microphone System

The major pros identified in buying this model are available below:

  • Quite Low Price.
  • Upto 100 selectable frequencies
  • 30 Mics and 15 receivers can be added in this system simultaneously
  • Transmitter and receiver gets automatically synchronised
  • RF / AF level, mute status and frequency shown in BackLit LCD Display
  • High frequency range up to 600 feet


  • Problems with dropouts after a long use.

Application areas:

  • Easily affordable for professionals and more suitable for any business purpose.

  • SamsonConcert 99 Handheld Wireless System- D Band

The highlights of this handheld wireless microphone are listed as follows:

  • Receiver can work with 80 available channels.
  • Auto scan frequency selection
  • AC adapter in kit
  • AA batteries fixed and runs for 8 hours
  • RF diversity for reducing interference
  • UHF frequency brand avoid interference from wireless routers
  • Available in D-Band and K-Band Frequencies
  • Metal body with easily removable 1/4 – wave antenna


  • 100 metres range is less for the cost.

Application areas:

  • Stage performers who perform various music styles
  • Educators addressing a large crowd
  • Instructors in gyms and public announcement

  • Sennheiser EW 500-945 G3 – Wireless Vocal System Handheld Mic – G-Range

The major product highlights of this model are briefed as follows:

  • German made components with stringent stage-tested technology
  • Metal housing but light weight
  • 32 compatible frequencies
  • 1680 tunable UHF frequencies providing interference free reception
  • 4 stage battery indication
  • Illuminated graphic display with easily operating menu
  • Auto-Lock option
  • Advanced AF range and RF range falls between 516 and 558 MHz
  • Wireless synchronization through infrared interface


  • Quite expensive

Application areas

  • Music concerts because it acts as an Ideal Singing partner

  • Sennheiser XSW 35-A XS Wireless Vocal Set

Sennheiser  is known for providing premium microphones and headphones  over 65 years in the market and its notable features are listed as follows:

  • Large LCD display for easy switch over from manual to automatic configuration
  • 24 MHz bandwidth
  • Remote channel synchronisation
  • 250 feet of transmission range
  • High frequency bass, low noise and clear voice
  • 960 tunable frequencies


  • Quite expensive

XSW 35 and 65 sets are more suitable for public speakers and LIVE singers who face huge crowd and performs open stage for live concerts.

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