Get an insight into what IVF is all about


IVF refers to in vitro fertilization and it is a very famous medical procedure in the current times. A few decades back this method was not that popular but now a lot of people are aware about it. It is a procedure in which the eggs are fertilized with the help of sperm and the process takes place outside the body in a glass. The glass is called as vitro and that is why the process has been named as in vitro fertilization. There are lots of couples around the globe who are unable to conceive through the natural way. Thus, for them IVF is like a blessing.

The exact procedure of IVF

In IVF the entire process is monitored in a very effective manner. You will find highly experienced IVF specialist in Pune and the applicable technology will be of world-class standards. Here is an idea that what happens in such a procedure –

  • The eggs are removed from the ovaries of a woman and then they are fertilized with the help of sperm. This procedure is done in scientifically advanced labs where all the necessary equipments as well as technologies are present in relation to IVF.
  • Once the egg gets fertilized then it is called as zygote. The period of around a week is taken to analyze the development of egg and it is known as embryo culture.
  • Then after the monitoring process is over, the fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus of the woman who wants to have the child.
  • There are exceptions also. The fertilized egg can be implanted into some other woman’s uterus and in such a case the woman would be called as the surrogate mother of the child.
  • When the fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus of a surrogate then the child won’t be genetically related to such woman. There are lots of couples who wish to opt for surrogacy and in that case IVF is one of the best suited options.

Why to opt for IVF?

The success rates of IVF procedure are really good in the present times and the reason is that medical science has really evolved a lot. Earlier the costs of IVF treatment was very high, but as time has passed things have become much better. Nowadays this treatment’s cost has really come down and there are lots of good centres where the procedure is being conducted at economical rates.

If you or any of your near or dear ones is planning to opt for IVF then make sure to choose the best hospital or centre for this process. The experience of the doctors and technology really matters a lot. In case of any sort of doubts you should always feel free to discuss the things with the doctor and it is guaranteed that all the confusions will come to an end. You can definitely consult IVF specialist in Pune and it is assured that your dream of becoming a parent will definitely come true.

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