Everything you need to know about air conditioning systems

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The air conditioner is a type of electric machine that produces cold ventilation or air inside the building by releasing heat.

People often use the air conditioner in order to increase the productivity, promote comfortable environment etc.  Basically, air conditioners are suggested by considering all the parameters of the area. If you are looking for Ac service in Panchkula, there are numerous experts available online. All you need is to contact the most reliable one in order to get convenient AC service under budget.

Types of air conditioners

Normally, there are types air conditioners available for different applications. The choice of which air conditioning machine to use completely depends upon a variety of factors which includes- the total heat produced inside the confined area or how much space to be cooled etc. Ac manufacturers usually consider all the related factors and parameters then suggests the most suitable air conditioning system for your area.

The most commonly used air conditioning systems are

Mentioned below-

  • Window air conditioner

Window air conditioner is basically used for small areas such as single rooms. It is the most widely used air conditioning system. In this air conditioning system, all the necessary components including- condenser, compressor, coil evaporator, expansion valve and cooling coil are included in one single box. This kind of unit is mostly fitted in the wall of the room or window sill.

  • Split air conditioner

The split air conditioner basically incorporates two parts which include the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit usually incorporates the cooling fan and cooling coil or evaporator. The outdoor unit mainly fitted in the outside area of the room and includes condenser, compressor and expansion valve etc. This unit does not require any additional slot in the wall to be fitted in. Moreover, split air conditioning systems have aesthetic appeal and do not require much space as window air conditioner. This type of air conditioner to be used for cooling one or two rooms.

  • Packaged air conditioner

Air conditioning system designers suggest packaged air conditioner only when you need to cool large space at your office or home. This type of air conditioner is basically used to cool more than two rooms. It is not suggested for cooling one single room. Package air conditioner comprises of two parts. The first one combines all the necessary components like condenser, compressor, evaporator and expansion valve in a single box. The second arrangement combines two components namely- condenser and compressor in one box.

If you want to install any type of air conditioning system in your building. It would be better for you to take help from experts. There are numerous experts or technicians available which provide Ac installation services. The epic villa is the most suitable one which provides professional technicians for Ac service in zirakpur, Panchkula, Chandigarh etc. You can easily contact them by visiting their website.


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