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Error Establishing Database Connection: 3 Ways To Fix This Glitch

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Error Establishing a Database Connection is a most common error which has been at least seen more than once while surfing the web. It is one of those curses that could be caused by many reasons. When WordPress Development is required, this types of errors can be awfully frustrating especially when it is happening on its own without changing anything.

Here is an effective guide in order to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress by compiling a list of solutions all in one place:-

Why Error Occurs?

The user is getting this error because WordPress is unable to establish a database connection. The reason behind this can vary. Sometimes, because of the wrong database login credentials or the credentials are changed, the database server is unresponsive, or the database has been corrupted, this error can happen.

According to the experts, the majority of the time, the reason behind the error is some sort of server error. However, there could be some other factors too.

How To Fix The Error?

Step 1:- Access wp-config.php File With Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

The user must need to have access to site’s wp-config.php file, which can be done by using a Secure File Transfer Protocol. In order to access and manage the files, it connects the user directly to an external server. Majority of the hosting plans will include FTP credentials that allow a user to access site’s server to view and edit their files.

In the site’s root directory, the wp-config.php file is located. Depending on the host, the name of the file can vary. Usually, it called something like root or public_html.

Step 2:- Check out Database Connection Credentials

After performing the above step, it is time for the user to check the database connection credentials inside wp-config.php are correct or not. In some of the cases, these could become incorrect or outdated. Thus, it is vital to make sure the credentials match up with those provided by the web host. If the information in wp-config.php does not match what’s in phpMyAdmin, the user should update the file.

Step 3:- Activate the Automatic Database Optimization Tool

The most useful feature included in WordPress is the automatic database optimization tool which is slightly hidden. The user can use it to clean up and fix the site’s databases. They can also activate it from wp-config.php.

Once this tool is activated, it can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they’re logged in to the site or not. The user should only enable it when necessary and disable it immediately when finished with it.

After activating the automatic optimization tool, a user can see the options such as Repair Database or to Repair and Optimize Database. Either option can be selected, which will start the repair tool. When the page reloads.


When the error occurs in the WordPress site, it is never a fun experience. However, dealing with those errors is not a tough job. According to the WordPress Development Company, one of the most common problems faced by the WordPress users is the error establishing a database connection issue. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to solve once the user understands its causes.

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