The benefits of charcoal for skin

Do charcoal face masks work? The benefits of charcoal for skin


The charcoal being talked of here is not the one that you need while enjoying your barbeque party (bad humour!). The actual, skin-friendly activated charcoal that finds extensive medicinal applications and is used in skin and hair care products. In this article, our discussion will revolve around the uses and benefits of activated charcoal on our skin only.

Blackheads are among major beauty concerns that chose to pay us a visit every now and then without our consent. Skin care products that use activated charcoal, like scrubs or blackhead removal mask, can be given a try to find how good it actually is.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal, also popularly known as activated carbon, is made by heating pulverized carbonaceous stuff like coconut shells or sawdust at around 600-900-degree celsius. This procedure is followed by activating it by steam that increases its absorbing capacity.

The substance then is called activated charcoal and is suitable for use as a natural treatment. It can trap chemicals, toxins and pull out dirt from skin surface if applied topically. Hence, this has become an active ingredient in several skincare products.

Good for skin

When your skin looks healthy and is free from dark spots and dirt, a natural glow is portrayed on the face that makes a person look the best version of oneself.

Most of the skin concerns, like pimples and acne, find a way to tarnish your natural beauty due to dirt, harmful micro-particles, suspended in the air, and chemicals. Activated charcoal, with its amazing absorbing power, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, can really do good to your skin.

Balances excessive Oil

The oil glands present on our skin help to keep the skin lubricated and hence contributes to the soft and suppleness. But if the oil secretion becomes excessive, it can do more harm than good. It attracts and traps the dirt, thus clogging the pores. A dirty and untidy face is the breeding ground of germs that eventually invites acne and similar skin troubles. Activated charcoal cleanses off this extra oil from your face, making it completely fresh.

No chance for acne

With no dirt and micro particles building up on the facial skin and no excessive oil clogging the skin pores, there is no chance of acne paying you a surprise visit that easily. So this is how activated charcoal can combat acne-causing germs.

Complexion enhancer

This jet black charcoal will enhance skin tone too. Sounds impossible! It does but in an indirect manner. Trapped oil and dirt make skin pores appear darker and bigger. This, in turn, makes the face look dark, dull, tired and aged.

Activated charcoal sucks out the impurities and dirt along with the extra oil from the pores. Clean pores look smaller and less prominent, which evens out the skin tone and gives an enhanced skin complexion overall.

Charcoal Face Mask

An array of face mask products crowd the beauty store racks and claim to be the best among the cosmetics. A well-branded face peel off mask, containing activated charcoal, with other natural active ingredients like chive oil, rose oil or jojoba oil, can be given a place in your personal skincare collection.

This ensures that the skin undergoes deep cleansing without losing its natural oil and moisture.


Wash your face using a mild face wash. Pour the activated charcoal face mask product in a bowl and use a soft brush to apply on your face. Avoid areas surrounding the eyes and lips as they are hypersensitive zones. Wait till the mask dries and stick to your skin tightly.

Then gently start peeling it off from the chin upward to the forehead. Do it slowly to help it pull out all your blackheads, whiteheads and impurities. Facial hair too will come out in the process.

Wash your face using plain water and pat dry. Finish the process using a gel-based moisturiser. Restrict the use to just once a week.

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