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Creative Ideas to Customise Your Bathroom in a Luxurious Way

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When it comes to home decoration, living rooms, dining halls and drawing rooms are not the only areas to focus. Your bathrooms are also a major place that needs proper attention. Nowadays, smart and luxurious accessories are available to fit in bathrooms of different sizes. If there is a shortage of space, go with the compact bathroom fittings but if you have ample space and a good budget, go with some luxurious settings. There are countless ways how you can customise the bathroom. Spending heavily on accessories doesn’t mean that the bathroom will look good, but creative ideas are required. To help you with this concern, some ideas are mentioned below to try.

Ideal Themes Customise Your Luxurious Bathroom

Before starting the process of customisation, decide on a theme that suits best according to your perspective. Here are some ideas that you will surely love to have in a bathroom:-

1)    Stones and Minerals Theme

Natural stones and minerals help you to be in touch with nature while bathing. This theme can be used on walls by fixing polished stones in a natural pattern. If budget allows, a natural stone tub is the best thing that you can buy to add luxury. Use marble tiles instead of ceramic to match the environment. Also, you can have several options of choosing a washbasin entirely made with a single stone.

2)    Tech Savvy Features

Adding the latest technology of comforts in bathroom fittings is also a trending luxury option to choose during customisation. There are several hi-tech features that you can consider such as steam shower, heated flooring, remote controlled self-cleaning function equipped flush and auto temperature control in bathtub are some options to add in this list. Remotely controllable lights for every section can give a futuristic experience.

3)    Metallic Look

If you want something shiny and metallic to add luxury in a bathroom, several options are available in sanitary store. Brass fittings are the primary accessories that you require to give a metallic look. Silver, gold, platinum or steel brushing are some options that signify pure luxury. Shelves entirely made with metal can perfectly match with this theme. Along with stylish look, metal accessories are also durable enough for rough use.

4)    Plants Theme

Adding green plants is also a great option to choose of you is a nature lover. Green bathrooms take you much closer to nature’s lap. Plants suitable for indoor gardens such as Persian shield, a string of pearls, plants, blue pearl sedums and calamondin oranges are some excellent options. To enhance grace in greenery, tiles of a similar theme can be used. Taking a shower in natural greenery will make you feel like in outside environment.

5)    Floral Wall Patterns

Theme of flowers in big or small size is also an innovative and luxurious option to try. Either you can use some floral prints on walls and shower curtains or use tiles that can be combined together to form a big flower. Wooden furniture and stylish ceramic sanitary accessories can be added as a perfect combination with the floral theme.

6)    Entire Marble

Marble is one of the best materials in the category of bathroom products that can also be used to add luxurious factors. Choose Carrara marble because it is known for the highest quality standard. It is available in white or blue-grey colour and both of them can be used to add luxury. Use hexagonal tiles for flooring whereas mosaic and pencil pieces can perfectly suit on walls. A marble sink fixed in a broad shelf of single tile can add marvellous finishing.

You need high-quality accessories to match with these themes of bathrooms that are only available at genuine sellers. Search for renowned local dealers like bathroom supplies at Middleton’s store where all kinds of high-quality bathroom fittings are available.

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