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Complete Guide Of Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Arm Version


The Smartphone market is proliferating to heights day by day with the number of users increasing rapidly. A lot of different smartphone manufacturing companies have emerged out in this global market. One of the major components that are responsible for the performance of the phone is the processor. There are a lot of different processors manufacturing companies but there is no doubt that Qualcomm is presently ruling the mobile processor market.

Technographx says that the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 series is giving a solid standing to the company in the processor business. The naming system of Qualcomm for Snapdragon 600 series chips is not quite simple. So, it could be difficult to keep track of the position of the processor in this series. For example, Snapdragon 632 which is a processor that is recently launched isn’t really better than Snapdragon 630 that was released back in May 2017.

The readers need to understand that these naming screw-ups are intentional and this is done to keep the general public guessing. We will have a look at the mid-range processors of Snapdragon. There are five chips in the Snapdragon’s 600 series. The names are Snapdragon 660, Snapdragon 636, Snapdragon 632, Snapdragon 630, and Snapdragon 625.

The further division of the Snapdragon 600 series can be done into two sections – The lower and upper mid-range. Snapdragon 660 and 636 fall in the upper mid-range category and the rest of them fall in the Lower mid-range.

SD 660 and SD 636 are one of the most powerful chips in the series. SD 660 was the first chip to use the custom Kryo cores in 2017 and SD 636 joined it in the fall of that very same year. SD 632 is also a Snapdragon 600 series chip with custom cores but it doesn’t fall in that category.

You might think that SD 636 is much closer to SD630 and SD632 but the case here is totally opposite. Snapdragon 636 is much closer to SD 660. After observing this, we can say that the naming techniques of Qualcomm aren’t as straightforward as they make them out to be. Both the processors are having very similar specifications of CPU. Both the processors are having the same custom Kryo 260 cores in a 4+4 cluster.

Talking about Snapdragon 660 vs 636, the difference between the cores are their clocked frequencies. That is 1.8GHz for SD636 and 2.2GHz for SD660. These two chips have three other major dissimilarities when you compare them.

  1. Adreno 512 vs Adreno 509 GPU
  2. LPDDR4 @ 1866MHz vs LPDDR4 @ 1333MHz RAM Support
  3. Quad-HD(QHD) vs Full-HD(FHD)+ (18:9) Display Support | 4K vs 1080p External Support

The GPU of SD 660 is Adreno 512 which is more powerful than SD 630’s Adreno 509. Adreno 509 is placed below Adreno 510 but it is slightly better than 510 in terms of performance. But Adreno 512 stands above all having the clock speed of 800MHz.

On comparing SD660 vs SD636, another difference which is found is the support for RAM speed that is LPDDR4 @ 1866MHz vs LPDDR4 @ 1333MHz. Although both chips are capable of supporting the RAM up to 8GB and UFS storage as well as eMMC. Another big difference between SD 660 and SD 636 is the display support that is QHD and FHD+ respectively.

Apart from the key differences mentioned above, both the processors are having more or less same technical features. Same Kryo 260 cores are used by these chips. Both of them have Hexagon 680 DSP, 4K @ 30fps video recording and Qualcomm’s Spectra 160 ISP with ClearSight technology. So, from the above information, we can say that SD660 is slightly better than SD636.

Now, talking about the other processors, Snapdragon 630 is ahead of SD 632. The main reason for this is the performance. As compared to SD 632, SD 630 is much closer to SD 636. But, SD 630 is having some downsides when it is put against SD 636.

There are custom cores also available in SD 630 but it fails to perform at par the benchmark set by Snapdragon 636 & 660. The reason for this is that SD630 is featuring eight Cortex A53 cores powered with 4 cores of 2.2GHz and other 4 @ 1.8GHz which are less powerful compared to the Kryo 260 cores.

So, this was a brief comparison between the Snapdragon 660 vs 636. Definitely, Snapdragon 660 is the most powerful among all.

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