amalgamating Dynamics AX and 365

Microsoft has doubled the power of Dynamics, by amalgamating Dynamics AX and 365!

Microsoft launched its hottest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, which was known as AX7 in the beginning, and it is now known as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The Dynamics AX latest edition was a bit of a departure from old forms of the Dynamics AX in plenty of ways, and yet there were […]

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Types of web hosting services

5 Types of Web Hosting Services and Choose the Best One for your Blog

Building a website and starting a blog requires lots of things and having a ‘hosting’ is one of them. Maybe, you have checked out few companies already for getting the world-class hosting service. But, you don’t need to get confused at all regarding anything from cost to integration and so much more. This article will […]

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SEO and Instagram Marketing

SEO and Instagram Marketing: Optimizing Your Profile and Posts

SEO is not something that generally strikes your mind when you think of social media channels like Instagram. After all, the platform has established its reputation in the market quite effectively and is currently the pioneer in visual sharing on social media. It is quite obvious for you to think that the visual-only social media […]

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