Business technology 2019

Top Technologies That Enlighten Your Business in 2019!

The technology was at the forefront of almost every major headline in 2018, from the Facebook privacy issues to Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. Words like “artificial intelligence,” “autonomous” and “the cloud” were once complex IT phrases but have recently become household terms. What’s become clear is that technology will continue to be an […]

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Demolition Hammer

Industrial Benefits to Buy Cheap Demolition Hammer Online: Efficient mechanization used for excess work load

Most equipment used for industrial and other sectors have to be strong and made of good materials so that its overall usage is powerful and more productive. Instruments like hammers have a lot of usage in various industry related work. But more technology being incorporated to such tools, demolition hammers have paved their way to […]

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10 reasons why your e-commerce fashion business may not be doing as well as you expected

E-commerce is the fastest growing retail industry. According to a recent report by the US commerce department, online e-commerce sales surpassed $450 billion with was the highest growth rate since 2011. Needless to say, these figures show a revolution in the way people prefer to shop in this era. Online shopping is convenient, and many […]

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amalgamating Dynamics AX and 365

Microsoft has doubled the power of Dynamics, by amalgamating Dynamics AX and 365!

Microsoft launched its hottest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, which was known as AX7 in the beginning, and it is now known as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The Dynamics AX latest edition was a bit of a departure from old forms of the Dynamics AX in plenty of ways, and yet there were […]

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secret software for small business

Secret Surveillance Software to Protect Small Business

The businesses across the world have been employing different tools and tactics to monitor their workforce, protect company assets and confidential information and streamline work processes. There are numerous software and applications intended for small and medium scale business organizations to remotely operate specific functionalities of the business and keep their workers under surveillance. The […]

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