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AWS Managed Services Partners – To Help Leverage The Infrastructural Capabilities

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AWS is the short form of Amazon Web Services. It is a platform for secure Cloud services. Amazon Web Services offers power for computing, storage for data base, delivery of contents and other associated functionalities to its customers. Amazon Web Services functions for helping business organisations to grow, by providing them with power for unlimited scaling of computing resources.

Currently, millions of customers located world wide are leveraging Amazon Web Services Cloud products. The solutions offered by AWS are leveraged to build latest and sophisticated applications, by the customers. It is a flexible, reliable and scalable Cloud service, that is offered by Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services is basically providing a very broad set of Infrastructural services to its customers. These services include power for computation, options for data storage, data bases and networking services. Amazon web Services delivers these services to its customers as utility services and these services are supplied to them as per their demand. Amazon Web Services maintains lightning speed in delivering these services to their customers, as these services are delivered within seconds to the customers. The customers need to maintain a “Pay per Use” model, in making payments to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon web Services offers more than 50 services to its customers. Data ware housing to deployment of tools, directories to content delivery, are some of these services, those are offered by Amazon Web Services to its customers. All these services are just few clicks away from the customers of AWS. The latest services offered by AWS are very quick to provision for its customers, and they need not make any upfront capital investment for the services. This facility allows all business organisations, start-ups, enterprise level organisations, small and medium businesses, and the public sector customers to access the facility fast and easy. They can comfortably access the services, as per their changing requirements of the businesses.

What are AWS Managed Services?

The managed AWS cloud services are continuous management of the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, by Amazon Web Services, for its customers. It allows the user to fully focus on their applications. Amazon Web Services implements best possible practices in the industry, to maintain the infrastructure of its customers. With this process, Amazon Web Services helps its customers to drastically reduce their operational overheads, as well as their risk factors.

In managing the infrastructure of its customers, Amazon Web Services automates common activities in Amazon Managed Services. These activities include changing of requests, monitoring, management of path, security and the back up services. Amazon Managed Services provides total life cycle services to its customers, to make them provision, run, and support their infrastructure.

The controls and rigor of Amazon Managed Services help its customers to enforce their infrastructure policies of corporate and security. It there by helps its customers to be able to develop solutions and applications by using the approaches they prefer to use.

The Managed Services from Amazon Web Services help the customers to improve their agility and in reducing their costs. It also helps the customers to be free from the responsibilities of infrastructure operations. The customers remain absolutely free for directing their resources towards differentiating their businesses and increasing their profitability.

The Amazon Managed Services delivers regular and consistent management for operations. It provides predictable results by following best practices suggested by Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL. It also provides tooling and automation for increment in efficiency. It also helps in reducing the operational over heads and risk factors of its customers.

Amazon Managed Services provides services for Change Management, Incident management, provisioning management, patch management, access management, security management, continuity management, reporting, ITSM integration, etc.

AWS Managed Services Partners-

There is a Partner Network of Amazon Web Services, popularly known as APN. The Amazon Web Services and Amazon Managed Services work with the partners of AWS Partner Network. It is to help the customers of Amazon Web Services to leverage the capabilities of infrastructure management of operational infrastructure.  This capability is provided by Amazon Managed Services to its customers.

The consulting partners of Amazon Partner Network can help the customers of Amazon Web Services, after the completion of their training. These Amazon Partner Network partners have experience with the integration with Information Technology Service Management, or ITSM, of application, of migration and of application operations.

There are a number of high profile brands and organisations, who are functioning as Partners in Amazon Partner Network.

GPU Cloud Server

About Graphic Processing Unit-

A Graphic Processing Unit or a GPU is a processor, having a single chip only. This GPU is used to manage and improve the performance of Videos and Graphics. A GPU consists of so many features pertaining to this area of functionalities only. These are the features that reduces the work load of a Central Processing Unit or a CPU. It helps in producing graphics and videos at a faster rate.

A GPU is not only used in a Personal computer, or in a mother board or in a video card only. It is also used in mobile phones, in adapters for displays, in game consoles and in work stations. GPU is also known as Visual Processing Unit or a VPU.

About GPU Cloud Server-

The Graphic Processing Units on servers, functioning in a Cloud environment is a GPU Cloud server. It helps in reducing capital costs. It is irrelevant that for how much time the user needs the GPU to work, it may be for hours or for up to weeks. The user will get exactly what the user needs, by having a GPU in a Cloud server. The user needs to just configure the instance with the ratio of processors and memory and GPUs.

GPU Cloud servers are absolutely perfect for the computer machines of the user. Especially for those machines which are learning and are having artificial intelligence, encoding workloads.  These are generally powerful Graphic Processing Units, which are available on demand to the customers.

GPU Cloud servers are ideal for boosting the business performance of the customers. CloudOYE, the world’s leading Cloud hosting service provider, provides the best options for GPU Cloud server for excellent services at a reasonable price.


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