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9 Fantastic Swimwear for men (Men’s Designer Summer Swim Trunks)


Are you a fan of summers? Do you like to spend the hot season chilling in the swimming pool with your family and friends? Well, the season is here for you to cherish it.

Along with chilling and enjoying have you been keeping a check on the cool summer fashion? If you are a true fashion lover you might be aware of the variety of choices available not just in summer wear but for swimwear as well.

Those men who love to put on trendy clothes and like to stay up to date with the latest fashion can stay the same even when they are in swimwear. There are numerous options in summer swim trunks for you to grab one from. Swim trunks are brief shorts loose-fitting or tight worn for swimming.

You can check out cool designer swim trunks and      swimming costumes for men in order to add more to your summer fashion:

  1. Try out Orlebar Brown Bulldog Swim Shorts

There are a number of brands in the market for you to buy your swim shorts. One of the popular brands of all that is known for offering a wide collection in men’s swimwear is Orlebar Brown. The designer summer swim trunks listed by this brand is more of a traditional fashion.

Bulldogs shorts are there most commonly preferred shorts type which is also tailored just like men’s suit trousers. It has buckles side tabs for adjustment and regular pockets same as an orthodox trouser. These are light-weighted and are made from nylon.

  1. The Frescobol Carioca Angra Sports Shorts

Other than the usual tailored and classic swim shorts for men there are trending sports shorts in swimwear. The designer Angra sports shorts by Frescobol Carioca is among the fashionable sports shorts. These shorts are classy looking and will make you feel luxurious.

Since luxury items are mostly costly you probably wondering how you can afford to spend a great amount of money just on swim shorts. You can do this by shopping for your favorite pair of shorts online. You can go through the e-commerce store Elabelz where you will have a lot of choices. In addition to this, you can take advantage of Elabelz coupon which will help you save some money out of your expense.

  1. Printed and Patterned swim trunks by H&M

There is nothing wrong in being choosy about your summer trunks. If there are plenty of choices provided why not go for the one that you like? H&M gives men a decent range of swimwear for you to make your pick from.

When you will explore the store for Men’s swimwear for summer you can go for the ones in printed designs or with patterns. The printed shorts are available with side pockets and a back pocket with a hook and loop. Whereas the patterned ones are designed with the fake fly, side pockets and slits by the side.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger Stripe Waist Swim Trunks

 Do you prefer a little old fashioned yet fashionable design? If you do the stripe waist swim shorts offered by Tommy Hilfiger is perfect for you. It brings out the retro vibe in a person. It has an elastic drawstring waistband and a mesh lining on it with 2 side pockets.

It is made out of the quick-dry fabric so as to make it comfortable for you to wear it in water and outside both.  While looking for these shorts you can make use of men’s swimwear clearance that will allow you to buy any desired swimwear type that you want at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Leopard Print Swim shorts by Tom Ford

Some of you must like plain decent short and some of you might prefer the strong unique prints for your summer swim trunk. For you, Tom Ford has its special collection of leopard print shorts which is a classic fit that will definitely catch people’s eyes. These shorts are of mid-length.

It comes with a mesh lining, a zipper, and a single back pocket along with a rubber puller. The clothes used to make these trunks are nylon. It also has a hook and side adjuster on both sides of the shorts. It is one of the latest and exclusive swim shorts type that you can try out.

  1. Boohooman Camouflage Print Swimshorts

If you like to wear bold designs that will add up to your personality you can buy the camouflage print which never gets old. These military-inspired shorts are one of the best swimwear for men who like military wear. In order to give out a classy appeal, you can wear these to mid-thigh level.

These are made out of polyester and have pockets on both sides. These, however, may not go along for everyone. Therefore make sure you try it out before you make the final choices. The camouflage print will give you more of a manly look.

  1. Bonobos The Banzai E-Waist Swim Trunk

The Banzai E-waist swim trunks are four-way stretch fabric with drawcord. These are pure polyester linens that have an elastic waistband with exterior drawcord in the center and mesh lining. The pocket pattern for these swim shorts is back patch pockets and 2 side pockets.

These are available in exclusive light prints that you can choose as per your interest. Besides, before planning on buying it, you can explore the multi stripe options provided to you. An individual can wear it with a casual t-shirt as well.

  1. Waist Swim shorts by Prada

Out of all the picks, the most comfortable men’s swim trunks are the elasticated summer nylon swim shorts offered by Prada. These are composed entirely of polyester and have an internal mesh-brief lining.

The design comes with a 3 pocket styling as it consists of 2 front welt pockets and 1 back welt pocket with Velcro fastening. It has tonal stitching and hardware. Those who want to get one can easily buy the trunks online.

  1. Gucci Summer Swim Short

 If you are not ready to get out of your comfort then the Gucci shorts are the right choice of swim shorts for you. The graphic print hype with side-stripe is really trending in the market these days. The long length shorts are very comfortable with elasticized drawstring waistband and mesh lining.

These are made of polyamide purely. These swim shorts are easily adjustable at the waist. The multicolored shell stripe on the side gives a very radiant appeal. Therefore in case, you like to wear shining clothes you can get this swimwear.


Fashion isn’t always about your party outfit if you are fashionable you look classy everywhere. Here are a few latest swimwear styles for men that will help you make your selection of swim trunk this summer.

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