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7 tools that can take your startup to the next level

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Establishing a business is a monumental task but getting it off the ground and running it successfully is also no easy feat. As a startup owner, you have to juggle a lot of balls to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of your business.
Therefore, many novice entrepreneurs turn towards a plethora of tools that can expedite various domains of your startup venture and supplement your efforts in business management.
While there are a myriad number of competent tools and service, we have compiled a list of the most innovative software and applications that can take your startup to the next level:


Before you can acquire customers, you need to get users to your website. This is only possible through a prominent position on the search engine result page (SERP). Moz is the leader of the pack for all your SEO needs. It provides an extensive SEO toolset that is integral to an online business. Moz products allow you to enhance your rankings on the search results and increase the traffic to your website.
It allows you to prioritize the best keywords for your site, discovers targeted link building opportunities and analyzes your page metrics to understand its effectiveness. It also offers a host of free tools that can provide you with an excellent start for SEO.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an all-encompassing system that allows you to understand your website’s traffic, how users interact with your content and what they prefer. It comes with a customizable dashboard where you can identify the campaigns that yield the most significant results through behavioral analytics. You can also evaluate how the visitors navigate through your site and what are the most accessed pages of your website.
Furthermore, you can uncover your top content, and determine and embed the most relevant keywords in your web pages to increase the possibility of retrieval for a related search query.


Customer management is an essential aspect of running a business. Salesmate is an innovative solution for managing all your customer-related problems. With Salesmate, you can plan and track your sales activities, monitor the performance of your sales team, and organize your customer data.

The interactive user interface prompts you to engage the clients according to their position in the sales pipeline through welcome emails and reengagement correspondence. The ease of customization not only allows for seamless maneuvering through the system but also enables you to add to the interface as your business grows.

Salesmate allows you to enhance your customer acquisition and retention to forge loyal, long-lasting relationship with your consumer base.


Social media has become an integral platform for marketing, expanding your outreach and generating brand awareness. HootSuite is one of the top-tier social media management tools that enable you to manage all your accounts from a single dashboard. It allows you to keep all your social channels active simultaneously through alerts, scheduled posts, and compelling content.
You can analyze the effectiveness of your social media campaigns through smart reporting features as well as measure your ROI and conversion rate garnered via the social platform. You can also expand your subscribers’ list by discovering potential leads through Hootsuite.


How many times have you been struck by a brilliant idea only to lose it when you decide to pen it down? Evernote is a smart app for archiving your thoughts and inspirations on an interactive and attractive interface.
Furthermore, you can add more value to your scribbles and notes by adding links, attachments, tables and even audio recordings to an individual entry. The entire team can be connected to the tool to bounce off ideas and discuss concepts while archiving the whole communication.


When you start a new business, you have limited financial resources. Wave is innovative managerial software that helps you organize your finances and keep a check on your spending. You can link it to your bank account and track the status of your expected invoices and payments.
With Wave, you can generate and send professional invoices and estimate, monitor your revenue generation, and even scan the receipts for ease of storage. More importantly, when your financial matters are organized ideally, you do not have to worry about calculating taxes.


The consumer market is continuously transforming to embrace new trends and technologies. What may have worked for you initially may no longer be procuring the desired results. Similarly, you have to keep your website up-to-date, according to what compels your prospects the most to convert them into customers.

Optimizely is an A/B testing tool that allows you to achieve the highest possible results from your online presence. Using Optimizely, you can test two alternate versions of a page to see which variant influences the most users to perform the intended action. This allows you to convert the most leads from the current user influx of your site.

Last word:

With most proficient tools, you can optimize your startup to get more leads, acquire more clients and improve your customer experience. You can manage your finances and team efficiently to generate a favorable ROI. The tools help you take care of the basic tasks of running a business while you can focus on more important aspects such as creating more funds.

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