7 apps that can help you earn a quick buck

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Are you looking for a side gig that doesn’t ask for much time and investment and pays off enough cash? Well, the good news is, you can do it right through your phone. Smartphones, as we know, have become a central part of our lives. While catching up on social media is our prime concern these days, it can be a help to your pocket too.

Now, you can make the most of those extra minutes by using apps that help you to earn. It might sound bogus, but the truth is that many legitimate apps in the market allow you to make real money. The tasks might involve completing surveys, shopping secretly, watching some videos and sharing photos. Even though there are some that are an outright scam, but if you play the right cards, you can easily spot the ones that bring a modest pay. Such apps often allow the flexibility of schedule.

Below, are seven apps that allow you to earn extra cash:



  1. Ibotta


Ibotta serves as a tool to earn cash without any financial commitment. It offers a brilliant way to save money by obtaining rebates. Following are the steps involved:

  • Creating a free account
  • Downloading the app
  • Clicking “Rebates”

You can then shop at any of the Ibotta’s 290 retailers. All you have to do is take a photo of the receipt and upload it on to the app. The cash transfers to your Ibotta account within the next 48 hours.

  1. Inbox Dollar


Everyone is using search engines these days. From finding solutions to problems that you face on a daily basis, to figuring out the latest fashion trends – you are using the search engine for almost everything!

Why not make it more productive?

The InboxDollars search engine enables you to earn extra cash rewards for many different tasks. You can earn one cent for every five qualified web searches that you make and then another cent for every two searches.

  1. Bitwalking


Bitwalking is a recently developed app that involves purchasing the Bitwalking dollars while you can go about with your daily routine. The app is in the beta phase.  Still, there is an option where you can request an invitation from the platform. Soon after the installation, you can start earning.

The earning depends on how much you are walking around.  1 $BW needs you to walk about 10,000 steps. If you are in a profession which involves a lot of wandering, then this is the best option for you. Given that the app hasn’t reached the mainstream market yet, we can expect a lot of changes in the future.


  1. Slidejoy


Uptil now, this app caters to the Android users only. You need nothing much to operate this app. It involves putting up ads and news on your lock screen. In return, it offers “Carats,” that you can exchange for real money. It checks into the PayPal account that you provide initially.

At signup, the user gets 20 Carats. You need to collect 2000 or more Carats to make a purchase. The number of Carats that you get may differ each day. A few cons that tag along with the app include slower phone operation and constant ads on the lock screen that gets frustrating sometimes. Plus, the interaction with these ads does not bring any substantial benefit. If you are someone who isn’t on the go all the time and can live without a swift mobile operation, this app is for you.

  1. iPoll


iPoll is available on Android and iOS. Their users can earn gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and airline miles if they complete 15 – 20-minute surveys. Once the users download the app, they have to provide some personal details. This helps the app to match future surveys as per their interests. The choice totally depends on how much you are willing to participate. The more questionnaires you complete, the more money you make.

  1. Pact


If Health and wealth come together, what more can a person ask for?

You can now cash in for reaching certain health and fitness goals. Available on Android and iOS, it helps you to track your goals and then brings money when you reach your milestones. On average, a user can earn around 30 cents to $5 per week. It all depends on the number of activities that they complete each week.

All activities need verification through GPS, pictures and other features. And if the user cannot meet a certain pact, they have to pay penalties.

  1. Loot


Pick your favorite brands and be their intern. That too, while you are at home. It is really simple and does not ask for any investment. You only have to complete actions such as taking photos or sharing content on social media. It’s a piece of cake!

Download the app on your Android or iOS device, analyze the ongoing brand campaigns and complete their actions. You can withdraw earnings through the PayPal account when it hits the $10 limit. It is fundamental that you check out the online reviews, such as the AirG reviews for each app. This app, for instance, is said to help some users earn more than $100, 000.

Thus, it is not a false statement that there are endless earning options out there. The only skill you need is to have an insight into the ongoing trends. Have a clear vision and target what you can do. Most of these apps are free.

It is indeed a win-win for all!

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