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6 Things SEO Companies should avoid going forward in 2019


SEO companies looking to remain relevant in the coming year need to be excellent at what they do! As is clear, the digital world is still largely influenced by SEO. This means smart business owners will look forward to hiring SEO experts to increase website traffic, improve ROI, and boost conversion rates.

You might be a new firm looking to make your name in the digital marketing sphere. Alternatively, you can be an old hand at this marketing strategy. Regardless of how long you – and SEO – have been around, you can’t expect outdated SEO techniques to wow customers.

Here are some mistakes that many SEO companies are making and losing customers as a result:

1.     The O in SEO doesn’t stand for one-time

SEO can’t be used effectively if you just apply it once, no matter how well it is done that one time. You’d need to steer your clients in the right direction about the dangers of obsolete content and being outcompeted. For instance, if the content on their web pages isn’t updated according to the latest search engine algorithms, it will lose its relevance. With passing time, it won’t be providing appropriate information to users, and they will abandon the website. Depending on their field, your client’s content should be updated and optimized every few weeks or months.

Guess where the visitors leaving your clients’ websites will be heading to? To their competitors’ sites! If they are getting current information there, your clients’ competition will soon be moving ahead. Relevant content that has been optimized will lead to higher rankings too.


2.     Ignore mobile device compatibility

Google has moved the spotlight from web-centric sites to mobile-centricity. The power of research has become easier because of the smartphone. Studies show that mobile users aren’t just using their phones to search, but also to visit websites! Think of when you used your phone to search the last time – it probably happened not too long ago. With mobile phone users forming the largest proportion of visitors on your clients’ website, it doesn’t seem suitable to not optimize it for mobile devices. Does it? Today’s user won’t think twice about leaving a website if the content is not optimized for mobiles. You’re looking at low traffic, leading to low search rankings, and eventually lower conversion rates.

3.     Don’t forget to change the way you publish content

Nothing more complicated than keyword stuffing was needed to get a post to rank high on a search engine before. Those days are gone because the type of content that Google will consider worthy has changed! This means your SEO strategy that is to be applied on the said website’s posts will change as well.

Now, Google prefers extensive content that takes much longer to produce. Besides investing in your time, you have to work hard and smart to produce high-quality content according to Google’s guidelines. Such content usually depicts the writer’s high level of expertise. Producing this type of content can establish your client’s reputation in the field. The more authoritativeness you can create around your client’s reputation, the more trustworthiness they will gain in the eyes of their customers.

Having trouble in deciding how long is too long? Check this article to determine the right length for your client’s content.


4.     Don’t ignore voice search

Since March, Google’s search engine has adopted a mobile-first stance. It hasn’t affected business owners who have a separate mobile website. It has engineered a shifting of priorities from desktop to mobile. This means all the SEO strategies that you plan in the future would have to be mobile-centric.

An important aspect of the shifting perspectives is the length of queries. They have changed to longer queries because when it comes to mobile-centricity, voice search matters. If you don’t buy into that, all you have to do is check out the huge variety of digital assistants that have been released in a short time.

Instead of typing Italian restaurants, your client’s customers are more likely to use voice search for a longer query, like Italian restaurants near me. If you are an SEO Company who wants to stay in the game, you’ll have to accommodate this into your plans.

5.     Backlinks are still in

Companies can benefit from backlinks, which link another company’s website with theirs. While you might think backlinks aren’t relevant anymore, the truth couldn’t be further from that. Advise your clients to make backlinks a part of the SEO plan that you will be following. That’s because backlinks can build authority and boost the rankings of your client.

Even if your clients think they are going to lose a few visitors to other sites, it will be constructive for them in the longer run. You see, when you add backlinks, Google takes notice. By ensuring you reference reliable sites, you establish your client’s authority in the field. Avoid using backlinks to spammy websites or stuffing the content with too many of them. It could backfire and Google may end up penalizing your client.

  1. Don’t ignore analytics

Can you even tell if the SEO techniques that you are so painstakingly applying for your clients are working or not? If you don’t evaluate their performance, how will know? Whether your client realizes the importance of analytics or not, you should be aware of it.

Stop and think for a while. Your client is spending money and expecting positive results. They believe that your firm has the expertise to deliver those results. To that end, Google Analytics and similar tools can be extremely helpful. With their aid, you could check various metrics, such as rates of bounce, conversion click-through, organic site traffic, page views and visitor type.

Once you determine which of your techniques is working for your client, you can focus on it and stop letting your client waste their money

So, what do you think? Does your SEO game needs improving? Did we miss something important? Please share with us by commenting below!

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