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6 Features To Consider While Investing in Healthcare App Development

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What’s the first thing you do when you feel uneasy or you find a bite on your leg? Obviously, you would open your health mobile app. Isn’t it so? This is what mobile apps have done to the healthcare industry. From connecting patients and doctors across the globe to making recent information shareable in real-time, mobile technology has enhanced the healthcare arena in multifold. The technology has added a myriad of options for both the patients and doctors, due to which the healthcare app development is becoming the new trend.

If you look into the market report, the mobile health app market reached $21 billion last years, while it is expected to cross $206 billion by 2020. Considering these numbers and the growing demand for mHealth apps, if you are planning to invest in healthcare mobile app development, here are the features you should incorporate into your application:-

  1. Ease to Appointment Booking

Booking an appointment has been a hassle for both the patients and medical practitioners. By incorporating this feature into your mHealth app, you can easily provide them with an escape from an endless queue. You can provide them with the opportunity to check for the doctor’s profiles and choose the best one for them. Besides, you can offer them the service to postpone/cancel their appointments. This way, you can not just encourage them to adopt your mobile application, but also get freedom from confirming bookings every now and then. This implies you can cut off the staff employed at the reception center and get more productive outcomes.

  1. Access to Patient Medical Records

The second most essential feature you need to consider while healthcare app development is access to medical records. By offering this service, you can give the patients an escape from the tedious activity of collecting and storing medical prescriptions. With this feature, they will be able to access and share their medical history with the doctors in no time. This, in the long run, will help the medical practitioners easily understand the patient’s condition and provide the best optimal solution.

  1. Device Compatibility

Not all of your patients and the medical team will be using the same device. So, develop a mobile app that goes with different platforms. This will increase your chances of app user acquisition and thus, generate higher ROI.

When it comes to making your health mobile app compatible with different devices, it is always better to go with cross-platform app development. Wondering what it is? Contact the best mobile app development agency today.

  1. Instant Communication

This is another crucial feature to add to your mHealth app feature list. By providing the service of instant communication, you can help the doctors and patients interact with each other in real-time. They can exchange information as well as media content in real-time, resulting in better medical services. Besides, this will cut down the queue in your medical institution and deliver better healthcare services to a wider audience in lesser time.

  1. Secure Access

The patient health records hold sensitive, personal information. So, it is your duty to protect this information from getting into the evil hands. Considering the same, the next important feature of your mHealth app should be focusing on security.  Utilize the best of privacy and security tools and look forward to integrating HIPAA, HITECH, and other such compliances into your healthcare mobile app development process. This will not just reduce the data breach cases, but also help to maintain patient loyalty and earn better outcomes.

  1. Seamless Payment

By adding the feature to make an online payment and get an invoice in real-time, you can combat the fraud cases as well as reduce the rush outside your clinic. So, look forward to it. Hire a mobile application development agency and get a payment gateway integrated into your mobile health app now.

Besides, the aforementioned features, there are various other features that you can consider while creating a healthcare app. To know about those, consult with a reputed healthcare app development today itself.

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