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5 Types of Web Hosting Services and Choose the Best One for your Blog

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Building a website and starting a blog requires lots of things and having a ‘hosting’ is one of them. Maybe, you have checked out few companies already for getting the world-class hosting service. But, you don’t need to get confused at all regarding anything from cost to integration and so much more.

This article will let you look at different types of web hosting services and would provide you points to figure out affordable and convincing options for you. It’s true that confusion and worrisome is what even experienced developers have to go through. It takes an enormous amount of time to get professional, affordable and reliable hosting service.

Following are the 5 types of web hosting services which you can opt for as per your usage. Get rid of the hassle and ease up a selection of web hosting for your website and blogs. Each type is well-described and properly-written in order to assist readers at the time of selection. So, go through this post fully and you are going to find the best solutions possible.

1) Free Web Hosting

With free web hosting, it doesn’t mean that you would be availing free hosting. In fact, it means that you will be creating few pages on the website of another person.

For instance, WordPress lets you create a free site or blog. Your website would be a subdomain of the main domain. Keep in mind that instead of www.yourwebsite.com, this URL www.yourwebsite.wordpress.com will be used. You can drop the WordPress URL after paying an amount of money $1 web hosting with free domain.

If you’re setting a website for professional business, then counting on free web hosting will be waste of time and it will make you look unprofessional. Better look for cost-effective hosting service that costs few bucks per month with a lowest annual cost of the domain. If you will select free hosting, you will be telling to your customers about your dire situation that you are unable to afford barely $100 for your new business and it won’t give a good impression to the customers.

2)Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is an affordable option at the time of domain selection. It suits better to small websites with average or minimum traffic. Well, when a person signs up for a shared hosting plan, then, your website will share space on a server with other sites. In order to be efficient and availing cheap hosting options, hosting companies tend to put more than one user on the same server. It is true that some servers can have more than 1000 users. On the other hand, it depends totally on the plan you’ve signed up for as one server can accommodate as many as 5000 websites.

The server acts like a computer but works way much powerfully. Anyhow, It could be having limited resources i.e. RAM, CPU speed and HDD space. That’s why; it shared hosting, all those 5000 sites would be using the same amount of limited resources.

If you want to create a website for personal use or for a business that’s just starting out, then shared hosting is suitable for you.

3) Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the next affordable and trustworthy step up from shared hosting. It is incredibly good option for website owners to upgrade from traditional shared hosting as it is quite balanced and appreciable in all ways including cost.

A VPS demands you to share space on the same physical server with other users, but the method is thoroughly different than to traditional shared hosting method.

Well, the advantage of VPS server is that it is less stressful on the machine. The true benefit of VPS is that it comes in the form of virtual machine monitor; It is a software that enables you to create and operate guest machines on a host machine. HostGator and Bluehost are two incredible VPS package providers.

4) Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is beneficial only if you don’t want to get worried about other people’s websites hogging your resources up, exactly like a VPS plan. In other words, a coding fault or a problem with the website will be your problem because you would be alone completely on the server.

With the dedicated server, you can easily choose type and capacity of the RAM for server and other hardware as well. Also, you can pick the operating system on which you want your server to run.

SiteGround and HostGator provide best-dedicated hosting server plan which you will enjoy most.

5) Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a good option for you if you want to go beyond traditional options. It’s correct that most of the traditional VPS systems have switched to cloud-based ones because of the benefits as they contain easier maintenance and efficiency and performance. Most of the companies provide cloud-based architectures imitating Google and Amazon.

If you’re looking for reliable cloud-based hosting packages, then also opt for Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.


In this post, you have gone through 5 different web hosting services with respective usages. Make use of the hosting service according to your budget and provide the best service to the clients (if you’re new or established business) or share your ideas with people, if you share insightful information in your website.

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