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5 Myths of Web Design to Ignore in 2018

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There is something about myths, about the way they are fanned and gain slow yet unshakable credence over time. This article is an attempt to reveal some of those widely aired myths about web designing. A successful custom web design company in India takes special care to avoid falling prey to these misconceptions. Let us pop some of these bubbles one by one.

1. Website homepage is the most vital part of a website.

Website homepage is of utmost importance, but it doesn’t end there. For most users, it doesn’t even begin there. Users searching for specific information on the search engine are directly directed to the page containing the relevant data giving the entire home page a skip. So instead of focusing your entire effort on sprucing up the home page, make sure the designers reach all corners.

2. Minimalism is the ultimate key to success.

There is a lot of brouhaha about minimalistic design. People often make too much fuss about it. Let’s be clear of one thing. Your website can be simple and yet have at least a layer of sophistication, enough to get the job done. Minimalism backfires if it doesn’t feed the users with essential information. Minimalism is a craft that needs to be mastered and not a justification for your lazy design.

3. Content – more the merrier

It is a much-professed idea that your website must be rich in content. True, but rich in terms of quality, not quantity. The intention should not be to cram every bit of information you can provide on the website. The clutter is highly off-putting. White space is as much essential as the content.

4. Online traffic consists of only customers

While it is true that online traffic is suggestive of the customer base of the company, you have to take the stats with a pinch of salt. Not everyone visits the website with an intention to use the company’s services. However, an optimized website does stand a chance at luring the not-so-serious customers which is what you must aspire to achieve.

5. A short-cut route to conversion

Some people insist on arriving at a quick path to conversion going so far as to say that the limit is set at three clicks. Post this, they fear, people left unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the performance of the website if not fed with the required information. This is nothing but fiction. People are not as fickle as they are made out to be, and they give the site a once-over before giving up. Besides, it is next to impossible to convey every last bit information with just three clicks.

Web development is no mean task. Moreover, it is both costly and time-consuming. We have to use our resources in the best possible way to derive the maximum benefit. In order to make this happen, you have to stay away from all these false-notions. A custom web design company in India make it a point to not engage in such futile exercise so as to provide good quality services.

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