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5 Clever Cafe Design Concepts: Attract Customers With Appealing Interiors


Where do you think, you will find people heading to when they feel the urge of giving stress a break? A Cafe – Bang on, you got it!

Now if you are planning to get into a cafe business, you would want to get the right perspective before you begin. The best way to do this is to put yourself into the shoes of your prospective customers. Look for Architectures Ideas that would bring their attention to your cafe. You can now gauge what would appeal to them when they decide to sneak out for a cuppa.

If you look around, you will find tons of coffee houses all over. Many of them have struck a cord with coffee lovers because of their uniqueness. So what do you do to make your cafe stand out from the rest? Go over the article below to pick a cafe design concepts that best suits your style and business ideas.

Top 5 Cafe Interior Design Ideas

  1. For that raw Industrial look

This design promises to be budget-friendly and so is a highly popular cafe concept of modern times. You can easily create an industrial feel by keeping your spaces as raw and undone as possible. An industrial decor will have shabbily highlighted and painted brick clad walls. You can also use reclaimed wood pallets for covering the walls. Exposed pipes enhance the overall feel of rawness. Add to that, a few industrial lamps with exposed wires, metal stools and tables, and dark metal shelves. Using reclaimed furniture would as well be a good idea. There you go, ready with an industrial style coffee house!

  1. Modern is minimalist

Modern decor anywhere is known for its simple and no-fuss take. This concept swears by its less is more approach. The minimalist look is well backed by black or neutral colors on walls. Complement these walls with black-and-white photos and sleek artwork. Go for laconic furniture to keep the flow. Alternatively, for that somber Zen effect, you can opt for the light-colored warm woods, chalkboard walls or whitewashed bricks and hanging lamps. Big and clean-lined windows and potted plants complete the look and feel of this modern era coffee house.

  1. Bookworms and coffee – Library styled cafe

Ask any book lover his idea of relaxation – coffee plus a good book. Look no further, you can have a library styled café, especially for the voracious readers. A library cafe can easily be fused with either Industrial or Modern design to lend its due air. Fit in a floor to ceiling bookshelf along the wide walls. You can also create book walls in either an organized or a random fashion.

  1. Travel back in time – Retro and mid-century design

This decor concept boasts of flaunting bold and bright colors like pink or yellow. You can safely go for leather chairs in these flamboyant colors and absolutely nail the look. Bring back air from the past by whitewashed wooden floors and upholstered benches in the loud fabric. Using the reclaimed furniture will add to the authenticity of your space and the era you are trying to recreate. Bring in that retro-rustic interior with showy and heavy floor lamps. A perfect finish would be an old textured, framed local map on the wall.

  1. Themed cafe design concept

This concept asks for a lot of creativity and imagination. That said, you should also have a good amount of knowledge of history, culture, and tradition for the theme you want to design. An eye for details is necessary.

It actually would be fun greeting your customers the themed way. Right from the uniform of your staff to the tableware, from wall decor to the floor rugs, from light fixtures to music – every little idea must flow with the theme.

If you do some research, you will find some amazingly themed coffee houses around the world. A few of them that have received rave reviews from their customers is a train-themed coffee house, parking lot themed cafe, traditional (exclusive to a culture) concept coffee house, village-themed coffee house, space travel-themed cafe, Bike cafe, Board game cafe, Dog cafe, etc.

So put on your thinking hat and take the plunge!

Clever Tips Not To Miss

Once you have established your business, your objective should be to attract repeat customers. Word of mouth does the rest. Remember, cafes these days, are a hub for social activities. To wow your customers, do not miss such small little points that can make or break the deal.

  • Location

A busy street is the best bet. A large flow of walking people would be a bonus.

  • View

Make sure, not just the interiors but the view outside is equally pleasant. Plan the windows keeping this in mind.

  • Lighting

If not properly done, can mar a customer’s experience. So, make sure it is warm and soothing. Strained eyes after a cup of coffee do not tell a good story.

  • Tech friendliness

USB outlets for mobile and laptop charging, free wifi are sure shot business getters.

  • Acoustics

No one likes to shout over coffee. Make sure that music is not a hindrance.

All said and done as they say – BUT FIRST COFFEE!

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